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Lock Onto That Cell Tower

Tap into GL.iNet’s cell tower locking feature, and secure your cell signal from when you are in cell tower overlapping zones.

by Tanya Lau , May 30, 2023

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May 2023 Vulnerabilities and Bug Fix

GL.iNet is announcing a list of fixed vulnerabilities and CVEs on firmwares and cloud products. Please note that this does not include CVEs from OpenWrt.

by Tanya Lau , May 18, 2023

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One for Every Occasion – Spitz AX(GL-X3000)

Router, but Better Spitz AX (GL-X3000) is designed to provide a reliable network connection to accompany you anywhere. No matter if you are on a week-long business trip, a cross-country road trip, or going to a vacation home deep in the mountains, you should be able to enjoy your network connection on command. With GL.iNet’s user-friendly SDK4 interface, that’s incorporated OpenWrt, it’s effortless to manage and customize. When we go on the Internet, all we want is instant enjoyment.

by Tanya Lau , May 16, 2023

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Solve Your Mom’s “Broken Internet” Once & For All

Make Your Daily Trouble Go Away Is your mom always having trouble with the Internet? Is she constantly asking you why she can’t seem to be able to connect to the Wi-Fi every time you are at her place? Enough of explaining and instructing her on how to reboot and set up the router, again and again, every few days? Get her a GL.iNet router to solve it all for her!

by Tanya Lau , May 12, 2023

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CNX Software Reviews Getting Started with GL-S200 Thread Border Router kit

Last week we checked out the hardware for the GL.iNet GL-S200 Thread Border Router kit with three nRF52840 Thread Dev Boards, and I’ve now had time to work with the kit, so I’ll report my getting started experience in the second part of the review. GL-S200 Initial Set Up I connected the WAN port to my Ethernet Switch itself connected to my modem router and the LAN port to my laptop, so I could access the web interface using the default IP address (192.

by JEAN-LUC AUFRANC (CNXSOFT) , April 26, 2023

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Spitz AX on the Road

Working From the Far As technology advances and as people value freedom and independence more day by day, workers prefer to work remotely at their desired location. And to fully enable work remotely, you must first have a reliable internet connection. If you are a constant traveler while working, you need a variety of network connectivity methods prepared for your RV. The nomadic lifestyle of a worker enables work and travel simultaneously, as long as there is a stable internet connection.

by Tanya Lau , April 24, 2023

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Products End of Life (EOL) Notice

GL.iNet is announcing an upcoming End of Life (EOL) on Creta (GL-AR750) and Convexa S (GL-S1300). We are discontinuing these product because a substitute model is available. Please note that the firmware of the above EOL products will still be maintained and supported for 2 years.

by Michael Choi , March 29, 2023

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Naver Blog Reviews Beryl AX Wi-Fi 6 Router

In this post, I would like to introduce the Beryl AX travel wireless security router, which has reduced power consumption and increased network performance. As the basic product settings and web management are duplicated and identical to previous products, please refer to the previous reviews below.

by Naver Blog , March 14, 2023

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Naver Blog Reviews Slate AX Wi-Fi 6 Router

In this review, we will introduce the differences between the new Slate AX and the previous Opal router, as well as the powerful performance provided by Wi-Fi 6.

by Naver Blog , March 14, 2023

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CNX Software Reviews Beryl AX OpenWrt Router

GL.iNet Beryl AX OpenWrt router review – WiFi 6 performance, repeater, NAS, and 4G hotspot modes

by CNX Software , March 13, 2023

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