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Enterprise-Level Access Point: Every Hospital or Medical Center Should Have One

Institutions, such as hospitals or healthcare centers, often require enterprise-level equipment that is tough, durable and can stand up to the stress of a busy environment. Often times, equipment will have to last years, possibly even decades. Apart from reliability and security, a wireless access point is also essential for professionals to “access essential network resources” through multiple devices. Medical practitioners from all over the works are embracing digital technology to keep track of reports, documents, backup information, or just allow patience to video conference their families.

by Ruby Lo , May 22, 2020

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Nintendo Switch x VPN: Level-Up Your Gaming Experience

During the social distancing, people are being exposed to more unique ways to stay connected and have fun - the virtual world. Nintendo Switch’s latest release “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” is a huge success, with 11.77 million copies sold in just 12 days. Apart from the game, Nintendo had sold 55.77 million units of the console itself. Indeed, console gaming has become more and more accessible to users than ever before.

by Ruby Lo , May 15, 2020

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Stay Connected in the Countryside with Band 71

Staying connected in some rural areas is never easy. In fact, it can be downright tough and frustrating. Back in 2017, T-Mobile, a mobile telecommunication company, purchased Band 71, known as a long-range 600MHz spectrum, to expand its LTE network coverage. Because of this, you can freely escape from the urban cities and stay connected at the same time. All you need is a gadget that supports Band 71.

by Ruby Lo , May 13, 2020

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VPN 101: Save Money & Protect Privacy While Shopping Online

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a vital tool for providing encrypted and secured connection over the Internet. It can be extremely useful for enterprises, where employees can transfer sensitive information safely. Apart from businesses, VPN is becoming a popular feature on routers for home users. Investing in a VPN for home uses is equally important since the benefits of using it go far beyond security. Our routers support over 30 popular commercial OpenVPN and WireGuardVPN services, and it allows you to enjoy a private network anywhere.

by Ruby Lo , May 6, 2020

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GL.iNet Donates Medical Supplies to the U.S. to Fight Coronavirus

GL.iNet donated over 25,000 medical supplies Since the number of confirmed coronavirus cases are increasing, GL.iNet is stepping up to help in the fight against COVID-19. Teaming up with a local group in the US, Tri-Valley Asian Association (TVAA), GL.iNet donated over 25,000 personal protective equipments to the frontline health care professionals and first responders. “As an international organization, we should take action and help with the global community”, said Jianyi Zhao, founder and CEO of GL.

by Ruby Lo , April 29, 2020

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Work From Home: What Gadgets Do You Need?

The emerging trend of working from home is becoming a common practice in today’s work environment, even before the recent coronavirus pandemic. We need to stay safe physically, but also need to keep your private and corporate information safe even when you work remotely. So how to work effectively at home? It is vital to set up a productive environment. This includes a fast and stable network, the right technology, and also, most importantly, a safe workplace (both virtually and physically).

by Ruby Lo , April 27, 2020

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Urgent update to repair the critical PPP daemon flaw in GL.iNet OpenWrt routers

The vulnerability is tracked as CVE-2020–8597. According to Hacker News, a critical PPP daemon flaw can open most Linux systems to remote hackers. Users with affected operating systems and devices are advised to apply security patches as soon as possible, or when it becomes available. Currently, we patched the flaw via updating the related plug-ins for these GL.iNet routers: GL-AR750S (Slate) GL-AR750/GL-AR750-PoE (Creta) GL-AR300M/GL-AR300M-Ext/GL-AR300M16/GL-AR300M16-Ext/GL-AR300M-Lite (Shadow) GL-AR150/GL-AR150-Ext/GL-AR150-PoE/GL-AR150-PoE-Ext (White) GL-MiFi GL-X750 (Spitz) GL-E750 (Mudi) GL-MT300N-V2 (Mango) GL-B1300 (Convexa-B) GL-S1300 (Convexa-S) GL-MV1000 (Brume) GL-X1200 (Amarok) GL-USB150 (Microuter) Microuter N300 / Vixmini Check the bottom label of your router to make sure the module name.

by GL.iNet , April 1, 2020

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The Updated GL.iNet App Is Ready!

With the latest functions included, the GL.iNet App is now available for download in App Store and Google Play. Now we’d like to share with you some of those latest functions of GL.iNet App. As you can see from the figure above, our updated dashboard shows you the status of the network your phone is connecting to, so that you can manage, for example, your home and office Wi-Fi with your handy fiddle.

by GL.iNet , February 26, 2020

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GL.iNet Skips MWC Barcelona 2020

Since we’ve been sharing those creative vibes with like-minded companies in MWC Barcelona over the past, we are eager to take part in this stellar event this year. Unexpectedly, the novel coronavirus has almost permeated into every corner of the world, and that in resonance with the GSMA’s decision to cancel MWC Barcelona 2020 today, we’ll skip this year’s event, and those planned meeting with our clients there. We, however, do look forward to further involvement next year.

by GL.iNet , February 13, 2020

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Building a Small Office Wireless Network in a Co-working Space

Building a small office wireless network with a Slate travel router Nowadays, many co-working spaces can offer different sizes of offices for the fast growing start-up companies. These office communities usually offer a free wireless network for people working there. The free wireless network might not seem so secure as you think. Previously, it’s confirmed that the wireless network in some well-known co-working space is not trustful because of the easy-to-guess Wi-Fi password across all the locations around the world.

by GL.iNet , February 7, 2020

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