4 Reasons You Need An IoT Device Management System

IoT is becoming an integral part of modern companies, from elaborate networks controlling key elements in manufacturing or just connecting or optimizing your office air conditioning. With this new technology comes new challenges. These systems, although fulfil sometimes a simple function, can become very complex in maintaining, and there is an increased risk of something being overlooked or not functioning properly. One area that doesn’t get enough focus in these complex digital setups is how are you going to maintain your IoT network? This is where device and network management comes into play. Business often overlooks the management and maintenance features, sometimes focusing on the larger business goals or objectives. We’ll break down some simple reasons why it is important to incorporate a clear plan for an IoT Device management system into your IoT Solution and how it can add value to your business.

Accelerate Time-To-Market
The demand of the technology industry is fast-paced, it is essential that you bring your product to market fast and on time. For large solutions or services, this can be challenging. GL.iNet IoT Management solutions are designed to be configured easily and quickly, allowing them to be deployed rapidly. It can work optimally in a variety of harsh environments and with limited space. Due to this design, we reduce our customers the time to market. GL.iNet simple, easy to use single user interface allowing you to monitor and manage your devices in real-time, allowing your enterprise to focus on their core expertise and business.

Adjusting and Monitoring Devices
You want to be sure the right IoT devices are on your network. This might be challenging with a series of IoT devices and solutions active in one area or project. Updating these devices and ensuring they are online is important. GL.iNet’s GoodCloud is a cloud-based management system, you can divide your device into groups, allowing for easy management and updates. GoodCloud allows you to authorize devices easily and simply with a few clicks, allowing you to activate and deactivate individual devices or groups.

Analysis and Troubleshooting
A network and device overview can be invaluable to businesses. Being able to monitor and maintain a network manually, can take consume a considerable about to time and resources. The older manual approach to troubleshooting or inspecting is impractical and even in certain cases impossible if the device is very hard to reach or remote location. Being able to see all your devices from one location, across your network, across many geographical locations allows you to make fast accurate decisions, and anticipate any errors. Up to date real-time analytics and data, as well as notifications that allow your team to respond to or diagnose issues. This foresight and organization allow customers to run their business more efficiently, allowing the enterprise to schedule and allocate resources effectively saving you money and time.

Safety & Cyber-Security
With the growing threat of Cyber-attacks, especially to new technology such as IoT networks, security is one of the highest priorities. Keeping a whole network of devices up to date is essential to ensure you maintain optimal network security. GL.iNet produces an industrial-grade IoT Gateway, that can update firmware manually or automatically, depending on your network configuration. GL.iNet’s IoT solutions come with industry-leading OpenVPN and Wireguard built-in, data can be stored locally and devices control logic and data processing can be localized. These features ensure your IoT network is functioning at the optimal level of security and encryption. At the same time, you are able to monitor and optimize the network according to your needs.

GL.iNet provides you with a secure, simple centralised management system via GoodCloud, allowing you to monitor and adjust your devices in real-time. This coupled with a robust deployment system allows our IoT management solutions to tackle more and more complicated solutions, while at the same time minimizing costs and complexity for our clients. If you want to find out more by visiting our IoT Solution Webpage.

Many of our IoT products for business or industrial applications can help achieve these aims, such as Brume (GL-MV1000), Convexa-S (GL-S1300), Amarok (GL-X1200), Puli (GL-XE300) and Collie (GL-X300B). If you want to find out more please click on the link below or sign up for our newsletter.

About GL.iNet

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