Brume-W x AdGuard Home: A Powerful Gateway with Adblocker

In this Digital Age, online advertising becomes a common practice. Did you know that an average person encounters between 6,000 to 10,000 digital ads every day? Some of them can be intrusive and obnoxious. If you feel the same while you surf on the Internet, get an adblocker! Not just a random adblocker, get the best ad-blocker you can find!

Digital ads are anywhere
You can see digital ads basically anywhere | Photo Credit: Pixabay

The First-ever Gateway with AdGuard Home

Our recent Kickstarter project, Brume-W: Pocket-Sized Wireless Gateway For Edge Computing integrated with one of the world’s most advanced ad blockers, AdGuard Home, with our industry-leading technology. And this integration makes us the first-ever router with AdGuard Home!

Brume-W is a small and powerful wireless gateway for home and business settings. With the Marvell high-performance chipset, it can run impressive VPN speeds with up to 280Mbps and 97Mbps with WireGuard and OpenVPN respectively. Brume-W also comes with pre-installed OpenWrt and can be flashed with Ubuntu for more advanced features, allowing in-depth developments for commercial IoT projects. Like our other pioneering products, Brume-W places a priority on personal security and flexibility. It can fit in your pocket or your palm easily!

Brume-W is successfully funded on Kickstarter
The functions of Brume-W

What Can AdGuard Home Do?

AdGuard Home is a software for blocking ads & tracking. It is super easy to set up in your devices, especially in our Brume-W. We integrated AdGuard Home to OpenWrt and UI for better control. All your top queried and blocked domains are shown clearly within our admin panel, therefore, you can monitor and control your network easily.

Brume-W Web UI
A convenient admin panel for better customer experience

Brume-W Web UI
The seamless integration between AdGuard Home UI and our default UI

AdGuard Home can not only block ads within your browsers but also in your mobile apps and games. We both value your privacy, so you are safe from online trackers and analytics systems on the Internet. They also do not store DNS query logs. AdGuard Home is also perfect for parental control, you can block access to all websites that contain adult information. In this way, you can keep your kids safe online!

We want to build a smarter lifestyle for our users, that’s why we always partner with like-minded companies around the world to provide excellent products for you. We aim to integrate more different software within our products for you in the future. Stay tuned and subscribe to our mailing list for more updates!

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