Brume-W (GL-MV1000W) is Live on Kickstarter!

Thank you, backers! We are glad to announce that our Kickstarter campaign has come to an end. You can now order Brume-W from our webstore! Please visit here to purchase.

Kickstarter campaign has come to an end

Wireless gateway devices are becoming an important part of our daily lives. IoT devices are being incorporated into our homes and business. A powerful gateway is usually heavy and massive, whereas a portable device is usually not as capable.

If you are looking for a small and powerful wireless gateway that bridges the gap between size and capability, you’ve found the right place!

An Exciting Kickstarter Product: Small & Powerful Wireless Gateway

We are excited to announce the launch of Brume-W (GL-MV1000W) on Kickstarter, a special edition of the ever-popular Brume product line. You asked, and we listened! This is the type of pocket-sized wireless gateway for secure edge computing that you are looking for.

Brume-W is sucessfully funded on Kickstarter

The Brume line is known for offering high-performance, powerful and secure wireless gateway. With its dual open-source operating systems (OpenWrt & Ubuntu), AdGuard supported feature, built-in VPN services, and compact & lightweight design (only 115g!), this new generation is perfect for professional business, home users, or as part of multiple IoT projects.

It’s so small it fits in your pocket or palm easily!

The Ultimate Solution To Develop Your IoT Projects

We know that a regular wireless gateway won’t satisfy our users, that’s why the built-in features of Brume-W that are designed for you to enjoy a high-performance yet pocket-sized networking products:

  • Tor Anonymity

  • Tor (The Onion Router) enables anonymous communication on the Internet. Tor can help with defending against tracking and surveillance. In this way, you can browse the Internet freely and securely. Brume-W also comes with a hardware switch button for you to switch it on and off VPN/Tor instantly.
    Hardware switch button with tor anonymity

  • High-Speed VPN

  • Same as other networking products here at GL.iNet, Brume-W supports 30+ VPN service providers and offers an impressive VPN speed of a maximum of 280Mbps with WireGuard and a maximum of 97Mbps with OpenVPN, thanks to its top-class Marvell chipset.

    High-Speed VPN with OpenVPN & WireGuard
    Brume-W supports 30+ VPN Services

  • AdGuard Supported

  • AdGuard is one of the world’s most advanced ad blockers, which helps you to get rid of ads and online tracking. You can as well use it as parental control to filter out certain contents from your children.

  • Open-Source Operating Systems With Linux

  • If you love developing your own home-used or commercial IoT projects, Brume-W is for you! By supporting dual Linux operating systems, OpenWrt and Ubuntu, it allows for user optimization and customization.

    Dual open-source operating systems with OpenWrt & Ubuntu

  • Encrypted DNS With Cloudflare Or NextDNS

  • We care about your privacy and security. With Brume-W, you can obtain a fast and secure DNS performance, while preventing DNS hijacking and domain theft with Cloudflare. NextDNS services include features such as ads and trackers blocking, analytics of Internet traffic, and parental control. You can as well choose freely between different encrypted DNS proxies (e.g. bn, cs, d0wn etc) by just one click.

    Encrypted DNS With Cloudflare Or NextDNS

  • Real-Time Monitoring & Management

  • You can gain access to Goodcloud, a seamless online 3-in-1 (WiFi, networking, and IoT) system for monitoring and setting up Brume-W, as well as other GL.iNet products. You can also use it to create a site-2-site CND network with multiple Brume.

  • Large External Storage

  • Brume-W comes with a built-in MicroSD slot that has a 256GB capacity. With the extra storage, users can develop a wireless file sharing across devices.

    Brume-W provides large external storage

  • Enhanced WiFi Performance

  • Brume-W is the special edition of the Brume line that comes with an embedded WiFi module, which delivers up to 300Mbps WiFi speed on 2.4Ghz WiFi. You can choose popular AC WiFi dongles to make the Brume-W a dual-band WiFi router. We currently support the AWUS036AC and the AWUS036ACS from Alfa. WiFi dongles with high gain antennas give improved signal when the Brume-W is used as a repeater.

    It sounds amazing? Brume-W could be the only security gateway you’ll ever need. Check out the Kickstarter page here.

    Kickstarter campaign has come to an end

    You can now purchase Brume-W from our webstore here.

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