Enterprise-Level Access Point: Every Hospital or Medical Center Should Have One

Institutions, such as hospitals or healthcare centers, often require enterprise-level equipment that is tough, durable and can stand up to the stress of a busy environment. Often times, equipment will have to last years, possibly even decades. Apart from reliability and security, a wireless access point is also essential for professionals to “access essential network resources” through multiple devices. Medical practitioners from all over the works are embracing digital technology to keep track of reports, documents, backup information, or just allow patience to video conference their families.

Our new ceiling access point, Cirrus (GL-AP1300LTE), is an enterprise-level networking product with a pre-installed 4G LTE module, which is perfect for institutions like hospitals or medical organizations. It is a dual-band wifi solution, which can provide fast wireless speeds up to 400Mbps on 2.4GHz and 867Mbps on 5GHz. It can be conveniently installed on different surfaces for commercial projects. More than 100 devices can simultaneously connect to the access point without any delays. Cirrus also comes with other features that are excellent in business settings:

A business-level ceiling wireless access point
Cirrus is good for institutions such as hospital or healthcare center

1. Fail-safe cellular network

“Hospital networks have no breathing room for downtime”. Having a constant network is the best practice for hospitals in order to ensure an ongoing healthcare system. Like other enterprise access points, Cirrus supports Ethernet connection via PoE (Power over Ethernet). However, the network for medical assets needs a fail-safe network solution. Cirrus supports cellular networks and it can automatically move to the 4G LTE wireless network in case of Ethernet Internet failure. In this way, the constant data transmission and connection will be maintained. With the 4G LTE network, healthcare can also extend to rural areas. Medical service providers can give patients access to specialized healthcare resources on a mobile network equipped to power patients’ home health devices.

2. Highly customizable

To provide excellent healthcare, different healthcare centers may have diverse needs in terms of technology, especially routers. Cirrus comes with an open-sourced operating system called OpenWrt based on Linux. It is useful for businesses to handle specific demands that require customization. Users can fully optimize and customize the Internet user case. It is also compatible with CAT4 and CAT6 4G LTE modules from various brands.

A business-level ceiling wireless access point
Meet Cirrus, an enterprise-level ceiling wireless access point

3. Security

Security is a high priority in healthcare technology management, since hospitals are always the target of cybercriminals. The value of protected health information (PHI) on the black market is very high, almost worth ten times more than credit card information. All our networking products, including Cirrus, supports 30+ popular commercial OpenVPN and WireGuard VPN service providers. Personal data will be protected under VPN to secure data transmission over wireless or wired connections.

4. Built-in support for IoT devices

Mobility on hospital wireless networks is vital, since it can not only improve the quality of patient care, but also increase the communication between medical staffs and patients. Cirrus offers an enterprise-class wireless network capabilities, featuring built-in support for IoT wireless devices, including Bluetooth and Zigbee. Bluetooth technology allows medical devices, such as Bluetooth-enable blood-sugar monitors, to send instructions for better measuring patient’s insulin levels. Professionals can also easily access medical databases or assets from their devices by using wireless technology. Cirrus is the perfect IoT gateway for hospital smart devices, which allows you to develop a better patient-and-professional relationship. Besides, its built-in watchdog timer will detect and recover from device malfunctions.

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