Firmware Version 2.x Support Will End On September 10, 2020

In order to create a better customer experience, we encourage all the users to upgrade to Firmware Version 3.x, including discontinued product users (GL-MT300N & GL-MT300A). We will continue to support Firmware version 2.x until 10th September, 2020. For Firmware version 2.x users, you can still access most of the services on our routers. However, you may encounter issues below:

1. You cannot install packages on the Admin Panel. Installed packages are not affected.

Firmware version 2.x

2. You cannot access and download the new version on the Admin Panel. In this case, you can download new versions manually here.

Firmware version 2.x

3. The function of DDNS is not available.

The Benefits of Using Firmware Version 3.x

1. Easy, Responsive and Beautiful User Interfaces

Firmware UI

2. Real & Free Dynamic DNS Pre-Installed

Firmware Dynamic DNS

3. Free Cloud Control with Smartphone Apps

Firmware Cloud Management

4. Newly Designed OpenVPN and WireGuard Interfaces

Firmware OpenVPN WireGuard

5. DNS Encryption via TLS

Firmware Cloudflare DNS

6. Internet Kill Switch and VPN policies

Firmware Internet Kill Switch

We highly recommend users to update to Firmware version 3.x to avoid the issues above. However, if you wish to continue using the version 2.x, please read this document for further instructions. Please contact our Support Team ( if you encounter any issues towards upgrading your Firmware.

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