Flint OpenWrt Wi-Fi 6 Router with Top-notch Cybersecurity

We are proud to introduce our first Wi-Fi 6 Router Flint (GL-AX1800), our fastest router we’ve produced, perfect for business or home. This powerful dual-band Wi-Fi 6 router can reach speeds of 1200 Mbps, and an impressive VPN speeds of 663 Mbps with WireGuard® VPN making it one of the fastest VPN routers we have produced. Add to this that it can connect up to 100 devices, high-speed data streaming and ultra low latency makes it ideal for businesses who find their current routers can’t take the strain, or for families who want a smooth gaming or video streaming experience.

Fast Wi-Fi 6 Wireless Router

Flint has impressive speeds of Max. 600Mbps (2.4G) + 1200Mbps, with a IPQ6000 1.2G Quad-core Processor. The Flint powerful capabilities allow it to handle a high number of devices be it at your home or office. Whether you are streaming the latest blockbuster at home for family movie night or that critical video conference call at the office, Flint has you covered.

Customize your Router with OpenWRT

Flint (GL-AX1800) comes with OpenWrt operating system preinstalled. This grants users root access to fully customize and optimize your devices for their needs and improve their wi-fi experience. Flint provides extra storage, allowing it to be used as a local drive to store files, which is perfect for installing different applications.

Speed and Safety

Like many GL.iNet products, Flint supports 30+ VPN providers that allow you to customize your router with the provider of your choice. On top of this, Flint produces impressive speeds of 667Mbps with WireGuard VPN, and 112Mbps with OpenVPN.

WireGuard® is a registered trademark of Jason A.Donenfeld.

* Tests conducted on a local network. Real world speeds may differ depending on your network configuration.
* OpenVPN speeds will be slower when running the device as a server. Results above are in client mode.

Optimal Privacy and Security

Flint comes with AdGuard Home Support, allowing you to block ads and tracking system wide. Allowing parents or business owners to have an extra level of privacy, protection and control over their network. To help prevent man-in-the-middle attacks, the Flint comes with DNS Encryption including Cloudflare or NextDNS. Your privacy is well protected with Cloudflare, which prevents eavesdropping and manipulation of DNS data via man-in-the-middle attacks. Your Internet security can also be strengthened by getting the support of the latest DNS technologies such as DoT (DNS over TLS), DoH (DNS over HTTPS), Query Name Minimisation and DNSSEC Validation from NextDNS.

About GL.iNet

GL.iNet builds network hardware and software solutions that bring affordable and secure network connectivity to families and businesses all over the world. We work with a wide range of industries, solving everyday internet problems in offices, and providing complex networking solutions such as smart buildings and IoT Networks. At GL.iNet, We believe all successful businesses build upon a strong and secure foundation, which is why our highest priority is perfecting network security and reliability for our partners.