Game-Changing Streaming Integration

Expand your tethering range and time

Broadcasting For Family & Friends

There are times that we go to events that aren’t broadcast on official channels or the organizers are only recording for later publication. But we want to livestream it to share with friends and family, or just use it for sentimental reasons and to look back at the memories later. We may not be professional outdoor streamers(or maybe you are), but there are ways to make broadcasting games to family and friends easier. With GL.iNet travel routers, you can broadcast your data signal for tethering to expand the connection range for your streaming equipment anywhere with just the simplest of streaming tools.

Amplify Your Signal

Most times, there isn’t any Wi-Fi connection to be used in open fields. When we want to livestream an event for our loved ones, sometimes carnivals, sometimes sports games, sometimes prep rallies, we often have to rely on streaming directly with our smartphones directly.

But we can change that up by connecting to smart cameras like GoPro, then we can enjoy the game from multiple angles. Only that, sometimes the smartphone Wi-Fi Hotspot has a shorter range and is often hard to be detected (especially with iPhones). With GL.iNet routers, that can be solved effortlessly.

Once we’ve established the tethering signal between the smartphone and the GL.iNet router, it will automatically connect when in use. So there’s no need for going through all the trouble to look for the phone’s Wi-Fi signal again when there are several dozens of Wi-Fi hotspots.

With the lengthened network connection range and strengthened signal, the smart camera can be further away from the seat and livestream on platforms like GameChanger, Twitch, and YouTube, and record for later watching.

Easy Livestream Setup

Easy Livestream Setup Setting up your outdoor streaming is a breeze, here’s what you need to set up with Beryl AX. Just keep in mind that you can easily substitute Beryl AX with another GL.iNet router with the tethering function:

  • 1 Beryl AX
  • 1 Smartphone
  • 1 Smart Camera
  • 1 Portable Chargers
  • 3 USB Cables

Follow the instruction below and set up your livestream.

  1. Power up your Beryl AX router by connecting it to a portable charger using a Type C cable.

    Beryl AX(GL-MT3000)

    Travel Router Setup: Beryl AX
  2. Connect your smartphone to the USB port of the router.

    Connect smartphone to the router

    Tethering Router to iPhone

    Simply turn on Mobile Hotspot on your smartphone and connect your GL.iNet router to your smartphone’s network via cable connection. If you haven’t established this connection before, you can take a look here to learn more about how to establish the connection for tethering by GL.iNet’s repeater function.

  3. Set up the Personal Hotspot on your phone. When the “Do you trust this device” dialog box pops up, click the “Trust” button.

    1. If this is your first time setting up, access the GL.iNet router admin panel and select the “tethering” option.
  4. If this is your first time setting up, access the GL.iNet router admin panel and select the “tethering” option.

    For a detailed guide on using the tethering mode on GL.iNet routers, please refer to our documentation or watch the tutorial video here.

  5. Pair your smart camera with your smartphone

    The pairing between your smart camera and smartphone may vary across brands. (Please refer to the pairing method in your smart camera’s manual)

    GoPro setup

     GoPro Setup with portable charger
  6. Connect your smart camera to Beryl AX router via Wi-Fi.

And your livestream gears are all set up, as simple as that, all your livestreaming data will be transferred via the Wi-Fi connection.

Remember to charge your battery bank to the fullest if you are planning to stream for a long time, or your battery might run out faster than the network connection.

For a more advanced setup, you can also utilize M2 to replace your smartphone tethering.

Slate AX setup with M2

    Advanced setup: Slate AX with M2 implementation

Simply connect M2, inserted with 5G SIM card, to your Slate AX and enable more reliable and speedy network connection.

Live The Moment

You can free your phone from recording and just focus on the event or use your phone while streaming. You can sit comfortably in your seat enjoying the event in real time from another angle and not miss a precious moment. If you’re using scorekeeping streaming applications like GameChanger when watching sports, you should be able to track the scores as you are streaming the game and watching the playback!

Livestreaming is all about simultaneous enjoyment, so you should be able to enjoy the moment and not worry about your streaming setups. By pairing up your smart cameras to GL.iNet routers that are tethered to your smartphones, a stable connection is ensured. Instead of the constant reconnection that has to be established for your smartphone and smart camera, your livestreaming could go over an hour long, of course, unless your battery dies first.

With this easy setup, you are free to enjoy the moment, no more fear of missing out while streaming and worrying about disconnection all the time! Even when the event is not as interesting as you thought it would be, you would be able to free your phone from livestreaming and scroll on social media until something interesting seizes your attention.

Recommended Livestream Routers

Most GL.iNet routers would work perfectly with tethering and providing a stable and reliable network connection for livestreams. If you’re looking for a Wi-Fi 6 routers, we’d recommend Beryl AX and Slate AX.

Here’s an example of how one of our customers utilized Beryl (GL-MT1300) to transmit control data from their computer to the screen controller, while the video sender processed the video signal from a Roland V1200H.

Livestreaming and broadcasting with Beryl

    Livestreaming and broadcasting with Beryl
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