GL.iNet Donates Medical Supplies to the U.S. to Fight Coronavirus

GL-iNet donates medical supplies during coronavirus
GL.iNet donated over 25,000 medical supplies

Since the number of confirmed coronavirus cases are increasing, GL.iNet is stepping up to help in the fight against COVID-19. Teaming up with a local group in the US, Tri-Valley Asian Association (TVAA), GL.iNet donated over 25,000 personal protective equipments to the frontline health care professionals and first responders.

“As an international organization, we should take action and help with the global community”, said Jianyi Zhao, founder and CEO of GL.iNet. “We are happy to be able to unite with TVAA for this donation. We appreciate their effort.” GL.iNet donated 10,000 surgical masks, 9,000 gloves, and 100 protective gowns to Northern California on April 16. We also donated 6,000 surgical masks to Washington Hospital Healthcare Foundation, to help with the situation.

GL-iNet donates medical supplies during coronavirus
The donation also benefited local transport services in Los Angeles

GL-iNet donates medical supplies during coronavirus

Fremont Fire Department in Fremont, CA received the donation of medical supplies

GL-iNet donates medical supplies during coronavirus

The representative from Pleasanton Unified School District in Pleasanton, CA received our donation

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