GL.iNet Introduces Brume 2 - Security Gateway for Remote Access

(Hong Kong) GL.iNet, a world-leading developer of network hardware and software, is excited to introduce Brume 2 (GL-MT2500/GL-MT2500A) - A lightweight and compact security gateway designed for hosting VPN servers. It is an ideal gateway for businesses monitor, manage, and configure SD-WAN settings via GoodCloud, our remote device management platform, resulting in faster network performance, higher network efficiency, and reduced cost for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Brume 2 is the advanced version of Brume (GL-MV1000). It comes in two versions: GL-MT2500A which has an aluminium alloy exterior, and GL-MT2500 which is made of ABS material. The device comes with a powerful chipset with higher processing efficiency than the previous generation, an upgrade in VPN encryption speed, and an updated SDK4.0 package.

Brume 2 Security Gateway Series

The Perfect Gateway for Hosting a VPN Server

SD-WAN as a Service - Brume 2 provides a simple SD-WAN (Software-defined WAN) solution using our device management platform - GoodCloud S2S (Site-to-Site), enabling high network performance and efficiency while maintaining the same level of security, elasticity, and automation.

High-speed VPN – Brume 2 supports 30+ VPN services, it can run OpenVPN at 150 Mbps and WireGuard® at 355 Mbps.

Customizable Firmware – Brume 2 runs on OpenWrt v21.02 firmware, supporting thousands of ready-made plugins for customization. Simply browse, manage, and update packages within the router’s Admin Panel.

Ultra-fast Gigabit Ports - Brume 2 is equipped with gigabit ethernet ports, enabling high speed transfer between devices at minimal latency.

Remote Device Management - All of GL.iNet’s routers come with GoodCloud, our remote device management platform for remote monitoring client device data usage, accessing the device’s terminal, batch update, view analytics, and more.

Secured Network - Brume 2 runs on WPA3 security protocol, it supports VPN remote access to client devices using GoodCloud. The network runs on the latest version of Internet Protocol IPv6, and It also supports Cloudflare DNS over TLS security protocol, ensuring a secure network.

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About GL.iNet

GL.iNet builds network hardware and software solutions that bring affordable and secure network connectivity to families and businesses all over the world. We work with a wide range of industries, solving everyday internet problems in offices, and providing complex networking solutions such as smart buildings and IoT Networks. At GL.iNet, We believe all successful businesses build upon a strong and secure foundation, which is why our highest priority is perfecting network security and reliability for our partners.