How Collie (GL-X300B), A 4G LTE Wireless Gateway Helps With Your Business?

Meet our upcoming product, Collie (GL-X300B), the new 4G LTE wireless gateway for entry-level industrial users. Its compact and aluminum alloy shell design suits with harsh and hazardous industrial environments. This smart Internet gateway is applicable in different business scenarios, including smart car park, Internet of Vehicles, vending machines, etc. It is designed for the entry-level enterprise to satisfy its basic demands in a cost-effective way.

GL.iNet Collie, 4G LTE wireless gateway for small business

Collie (GL-X300B) is the perfect 4G LTE wireless gateway for start-up business

Collie is not just a basic industrial wireless gateway, its unique features help with different enterprises:

  • Stable CPU: Collie comes with Qualcomm QCA9531 chipset, with up to 650MHz clock speed. This chipset provides stable performance and is also commonly used within the industry, which is perfect for industrial users to avoid breakdown.
  • Built-in Watchdog: A dedicated hardware that can detect and trigger a processor reset if necessary. It ensures the stability of Collie.
  • Pre-installed OpenWrt: A open-source system that allows you to optimize the Internet user case based on your business demands.

    GL.iNet Collie, 4G LTE wireless gateway for small business

    Pre-installed OpenWrt allows full customization based on your specific needs

  • Built-in 4G LTE Module: Collie comes with a standard SIM card slot which supports the 4G LTE network. It is compatible with CAT4, CAT1, and also CAT-M modules from various brands. Different modules suit with different models, therefore we recommend users purchase the right models for optimal performance.
  • Remote Management: With access to GoodCloud, a seamless 3-in-1 (WiFi, networking, and IoT) integration system, you can set up and monitor Collie remotely.
  • High Security: Every GL.iNet product supports 30+ VPN service providers, including OpenVPN & WireGuard.
  • Compact Design: Its aluminum alloy shell, optional wall-mounted design, and wide range of operating temperate in -20~55°C (-4~131°F) are designed for easy installation, storage, and operation in tough industrial environments. Collie is also very handy (10411028mm) compared to other industrial routers.
  • Optional IoT Modules: Collie has an advanced version (GL-X300T) that comes with 3 external antennas and optional IoT modules with Bluetooth or Zigbee, which provides a wireless network for business users.

    If you are looking for an entry-level industrial wireless gateway, this is it. Don’t miss out on Collie. Click here for more information.

    * Collie will be available soon. For commercial inquiry, please contact

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