Importance Of Cybersecurity And Data Encryption In Business Operations - Delivery Robotics

With the widespread use of Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics, Holacow introduces delivery robots into their products. The robotic delivery services are designated for offices, factories, and hotels. It provides better management solutions for logistics and food delivery devices in solving complex problems. Supported by advanced softwares and qualifications, Holacow robots improve service efficiencies by integrating automation systems into different businesses, building a smart community with enhanced productivity.

“Robotics has become a growing force in business, it is an emerging technology.” said Mr. Alfie Zhao, the CTO of GL.iNet. “As the leading developer of networking devices, we would like to provide strong support to this exciting developing industry.”

Picture provided by Holacow - Robots at Hong Kong Science & Technology Park

Potential Challenges In The Robotic Industry

Security and vulnerability of robotics are always the top concerns for Industrial companies. With the tremendous amount of information stored in the robots, it is crucial to keep them away from any cybersecurity threats. Holacow pays great attention to customers' privacy and data security when they develop these projects. For example, order tracking and management for delivery services, data resources isolation on robotics, and etc.

“Our main concerns are security control and data storage,” said Mr. Steven Yeung, the general manager of Holacow. “Protecting customer privacy is our lifetime work.”

Uninterruptible power supply is another big concern for Holacow. As delivery robots will have to move around the buildings during the delivery services, it will cause big losses if the robotics stop working or lose delivery details when power goes down.

Holacow is looking for a secure solution to manage and monitor data remotely and keep the robotics working anytime without any obstacles.

Picture provided by Holacow - robot passing through the gate

Possible Solutions provided by GL.iNet

To prevent hackers from attacking the robotics system, the solution must provide a secure and reliable wireless Internet connection.To save manpower and improve efficiency, a cloud system with easy deployment is the icing on the cake.

Robots will serve and work uninterrupted every day, so the solution must be small in size, which can fit all types of delivery robots and provide power supply backup.

We discussed with Holacow and provided them with our best solution: GL-MiFi Industrial Grade 4G LTE Gateway. It has pre-installed OpenWrt OS, VPN encryption, and a rechargeable battery, which perfectly suits their needs.

“We are looking for an 4G LTE wireless gateway which is small in size with large storage compatibility. More security features will be a plus.” said Mr. Steven Yeung, the general manager of Holacow. “Finally, we found GL.iNet’s GL-MiFi, which is a small but powerful gadget! GL.iNet products are top-notch for their price with tons of after-sales support.”

Holacow finally chose the GL-MiFi gateway solution after evaluation because of its multiple functions and security features, while it is the most cost-effective choice.

Picture provided by Holacow - robots with GL-MiFi


With 30+ VPN services pre-installed, GL-MiFi can encrypt robot data to prevent hacker attacks, especially for those moments like the robot is receiving commands from another device. Data transmission between the robots and other systems can be protected, such as the communication with the lift system and the automatic doors. Besides, GL-MiFi 4G LTE gateway solution is very portable and it contains a 5000mAh battery, which can ensure continuous power supply to the robots.

Picture provided by Holacow - robot entering a lift

Currently GL.iNet has released the advanced version of GL-MiFi, GL.iNet GL.iNet 4G LTE Portable Wireless IoT gateway Puli (GL-XE300). It supports the latest version of the Internet Protocol (IPv6) and WPA3 encryption which is the next generation of Wi-Fi security, it adds an extra layer to customers’ cybersecurity.

GL.iNet - Puli 4G LTE Portable Gateway (GL-XE300)

Puli (GL-XE300) has more upgraded functions. For example, the built-in 4G modem in Puli (GL-XE300) supports AT command, manual/automatic dial number, SMS checking and signal strength checking, which is ideal for management and configuration. Our GL.iNet IoT gateway solutions ensure the ultimate goal of exceptional product quality and support services to the community as a whole.

Model Comparison



QCA9531, @650MHz Soc
AR9331, @400MHz Soc
DDR2 128MB
Nano SIM Card
Micro SIM Card


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