Meet Velica: Whole Home Mesh WiFi System With Security Features

“Secure WiFi. Secure Home.” We know how much you value security and privacy, that’s why Velica (GL-B2200) is here for you. Unlike the other common mesh home routers, Velica offers the most customizable WiFi experience within your house. Fast, stable, and secure home WiFi, that’s what you will experience with Velica.

Mesh WiFi, Whole Home Coverage

GL.iNet Velica Home Mesh Router
GL.iNet Velica Whole Home Coverage

Velica is our very first tri-band mesh WiFi router that is designed to become your smart home gateway solution. With its mesh technology, Velica can deliver consistent connectivity to your entire house or business, across multiple units.

Velica is more powerful than other home routes since it provides one 2.4GHz band, offering speeds up to 400Mbps, and two 5GHz bands, for speeds up to 867Mbps. A tri-band WiFi router allows more connected devices and less interference. Using Velica simply takes your WiFi network to the next level.

Say No To Hackers, Your Home Network Security Solution

GL.iNet Velica VPN

There are numerous mesh WiFi routers in the market, but there are not many of them emphasizing security and privacy. Because of this, we created Velica based on your security needs in mind.

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Velica provides the best encryption and authentication with multiple VPN protocol support. Same as our other GL.iNet’s products, Velica supports 30+ OpenVPN and WireGuard VPN service providers. Apart from that, your privacy and security can also be protected with Cloudflare and NextDNS. By using Cloudflare, your cybersecurity will be brought to the next level by preventing eavesdropping and manipulation of DNS data via man-in-the-middle attacks. NextDNS also strengths your Internet security by offering ads, trackers, and malicious websites blocking service on all your devices, in-depth analytics about your Internet traffic, and the feature of shielding your children from adult content.

Block Ads Everywhere, AdGuard Home Supported

GL.iNet AdGuard Home

We know some digital ads are very intrusive and obnoxious, that’s why we collaborate with AdGuard Home, to offer you a built-in software for blocking ads and online trackers. AdGuard Home is a dedicated Internet filtering software that can not only block ads in your browsers, but also works in your apps and games to keep you safe from online trackers and analytics systems.

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We value your security and privacy. AdGuard Home is integrated within our OpenWrt and UI for better control and management. This way, you can use your Internet anywhere at home without the worry of annoying digital ads.

Smart OpenWrt IoT Home Gateway, Your Personalised WiFi Experience

GL.iNet Velica Home Mesh WiFi

Velica is designed for our customers to have the most personalized mesh WiFi experience. It puts control of your WiFi in your hands. It comes with pre-installed OpenWrt, an open-sourced operating system based on Linux. The root access is granted, which allows you to optimize and customize your Internet based on your needs.

Velica can also be used as your IoT gateway at home. It can connect to multiple smart devices with Zigbee* or Bluetooth. You can remotely monitor and control the devices via the cloud.

* Zigbee gateway function is under development. SDK for development is provided.

GL.iNet App, East Set Up & Network Management In Hand

GL.iNet App

No more hassle on setting up your router! The GL.iNet App# provides the simplest way for you to set up and manage Velica. You can use it to pair the mesh network & VPN features of Velica with a clear and simple UI. With just a few steps, you can change the basic or security settings of our devices.

# Applicable with iOS 8 and above, or Android 4.1 and above.

GL.iNet Velica Home Mesh WiFi

Velica is not just a simple router, but also the one that provides you with a secure and stable WiFi experience. For more information on Velica, please visit its product page here.

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