Mudi Excels as a CES 2020 Innovation Awards Honoree

Mudi was selected as a CES 2020 Innovation Awards honoree during this year’s CES, which was scheduled in Las Vegas Convention Center between January 7- 10, 2020. From this, Dr. Alfie Zhao, the CTO of GL Technologies (Hong Kong) Limited, shares, “Indeed, it’s our HUGE honor to win this award, and that I’d like to thank those of you who resonate with our aspiration to protect users’ privacy. Otherwise, we can’t achieve such success. Regardless of those malicious phantoms creeping over users’ privacy, I’m sure our products, especially Mudi, can save you from their glutenous claws.”

mudi ces 2020

Mudi is a portable 4G LTE privacy router designed for road warriors and business travelers who aspire to secure their data with state-of-art cryptography. First, it is featured by Easy Tor Anonymous Network Routing. Thanks to world-class researchers’ brilliance, Mudi has the Tor (The Onion Router) service installed; with a handy switch button, Tor service can be turned on/off easily. Second, Mudi is characteristic of Great Commercial VPN Provider Compatibility. It maintains private internet connections with two VPN protocols, and that it offers the best encryption and authentication with OpenVPN and Wireguard VPN. Third, this product is featured by Encrypted DNS with Cloudflare DNS over TLS, or DNS via HTTPS proxy. Through Cloudflare’s open source software, Mudi achieves a secure and authoritative DNS performance in addition to prevention of DNS hijacking and domain theft.

mudi ces 2020

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