One for Every Occasion – Spitz AX(GL-X3000)

Router, but Better

Spitz AX (GL-X3000) is designed to provide a reliable network connection to accompany you anywhere. No matter if you are on a week-long business trip, a cross-country road trip, or going to a vacation home deep in the mountains, you should be able to enjoy your network connection on command. With GL.iNet’s user-friendly SDK4 interface, that’s incorporated OpenWrt, it’s effortless to manage and customize.

GL.iNet’s user-friendly SDK4 interface

When we go on the Internet, all we want is instant enjoyment. Spitz AX can help you with that. With the latest cellular technology, 5G NR, your internet experience will never be the same again. The enhanced mobile broadband, ultra-reliable low-latency communications, and massive machine-type communications will take your Internet experience to another level. Create your Wi-Fi hotspot with a stronger, better connection for all your devices. Revolutionize your online experience with a compatible router for all your adventures.

Working from afar?

One of the scariest things about remote work is probably having your access denied because of being away from the office… And all you can do is seek help from the IT department and try to complete the actions they have instructed you, BUT success is still not guaranteed. By the time you can get onto the server, it has already been hours. Your tasks are still on hold, and deadlines are approaching. No more worries about “Access Denied” with Spitz AX. You can easily log onto your company’s local server like you’re right at the office. No more sweating out and make use of the VPN cascading feature to access your company’s local server with ease when you are away from the office. maybe from home, maybe from a small café, or maybe in your RV. What makes it even better to work remotely is that Spitz AX supports GoodCloud, making it the perfect router for those who constantly work remotely. Using GoodCloud as SDWAN, you don’t even have to update and manage your device manually, if you are in an organization. Your company can set up your Spitz AX as one of the devices under the cooperation and manage it remotely.

GL.iNet’s user-friendly SDK4 interface

Digital Vacation

Vacation time often is about connection, but how can you connect when there is no connection? When you are far away, deep in the mountains at your family lodge with friends and family, let there be an option for you to go on the Internet. Let there be movie night where all of you can have the freedom to stream movies instead of playing whatever there is on the creaky old shelf that hasn’t been updated for decades. Use your Spitz AX as a 5G Modem, just plug in a SIM card and have an immediate Wi-Fi Hotspot. When there are some boring parts, sneak away and go on social media and rant a little to your friends. That is an option if you are using Spitz AX! Use Spitz AX to connect to more than 70 devices, no one would notice that someone else in the lodge is using the Wi-Fi. Be in the environment but stay connected.

dual-SIM system

Summer S’more

Campsites and Caravan parks sometimes provide Wi-Fi for their residents. Since there are so many that are sharing the Wi-Fi connection, it’s not bound to be safe. You can use Spitz AX to create your subnet and use over 30 VPN services of your choice to secure your privacy and confidential information. You can confidently complete your transactions even in public by connecting to your Spitz AX, knowing your confidential information is safely guarded. Not only that but Spitz AX is also paired with AdGuard Home, helping you with blocking ads and tracking to keep your online experience feeling like home. If you are going to places with an ethernet cable, like hotels, make use of Spitz AX’s ethernet ports to share the network connection! There truly is a function for every occasion on Spitz Ax.

Enjoy the beauty of both the online and offline worlds simultaneously with Spitz AX! Enable your online adventure in the middle of your outdoor adventure.

Learn more about Spitz AX’s frequency bands here.

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