One Step Closer to launching Slate AX

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The Best Portable Wi-Fi 6 Experience Is On Its Way!

We are happy to announce that Slate AX (GL-AXT1800), the latest Wi-Fi 6 travel router is entering the final testing phase for quality control and is about to conclude the final touches before our launch.

What’s New?

A quick update on the testing results, Slate AX can connect to 120 client devices simultaneously and is able to reach a VPN encryption speed of up to 550 Mbps using WireGuard and up to 120 Mbps using OpenVPN. A final tweak, we are upgrading Slate AX to support TF cards of up to 512 GB.

Testing USB

Testing USB port for transfer speed and stability.

Testing Firmware

Testing firmware features, MAC address, and throughput speed.

A Convenient Security Solution

Slate AX is a powerful router that can support heavy Wi-Fi usage of large families or small offices. However, its compact design, easy deployment, and convenience in securing connected devices are most appreciated by frequent travellers.

Slate AX is perfect for staying at hotels with only one ethernet or LAN connection, or masking data transfer from internet service providers when using public Wi-Fi.

The OpenWrt Wi-Fi 6 Experience

Wi-Fi 6 is a powerful upgrade from previous Wi-Fi generations, with faster connection speed at longer distance and higher stability. Its signature MU-MIMO and OFDMA technology processes multiple data streams from client devices simultaneously, significantly improving its performance for mass device connectivity.

On top of this, Slate AX runs on the latest version of OpenWrt open-source operating system, it comes with our user-friendly Imagebuilder application for an easy customization of firmware packages. It lets users install third-party applications and optimize their Wi-Fi 6 experience to their preferences.

If you want to learn more about Slate AX, click here or contact us!

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