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Setting Up Xfinity Wi-Fi Connection with GL.iNet Slate (GL-AR750S-Ext) Travel Router

Some customers asked questions about how to use the Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspot with GL.iNet routers. Therefore, we decide to do some on-site research and provide a helpful solution. Most of the Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots are located in residential areas. You might find one near you easily. First of all, you need to have an Xfinity app download on your phone and be able to log in to an Xfinity account via the app successfully.

by GL.iNet , October 8, 2019

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How to Use Google Fi on Spitz (GL-X750) 4G LTE Router?

Many users asked whether Google Fi 4G LTE service is available on GL.iNet 4G routers, such as GL-MiFi and Spitz (GL-X750) 4G LTE routers. The answer is YES! Google Fi sim kit for iPhone For people don’t know what’s Google Fi, it is a wireless phone plan designed with the latest Google technology. With Fi, you get unlimited calls & texts in the US for one low monthly price. Data is $10/GB in the US and over 170+ destinations abroad, then free after a set GB amount depending on the number of people on your plan.

by GL.iNet , October 4, 2019

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How to Set Up Convexa-S for Your Home Media Center with Sonos One?

[Hong Kong, May 31, 2019] Earlier last week, GL.iNet released the Convexa-S (GL-S1300) OpenWrt home gateway. Compared to Convexa-B (GL-B1300), it has several improvements and upgrades. Convexa-S uses IPQ4029 SoC which has more IoT interfaces to deploy, such as two UART and SPI. Also, it upgrades the RAM to 512MB and comes with a 8GByte eMMC memory pre-installed. Most importantly, you can DIY your own smart home gateway connecting multiple wireless devices via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

by GL.iNet , May 31, 2019

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Spitz, the Ultimate 4G LTE Gateway Boosting Your Holiday Experience

[Hong Kong, December 7, 2018] It’s exciting to escape from the busy city and spend some time to start an off-grid adventure during this holiday, but it doesn’t mean you have to be unplugged and disconnected from the world. GL.iNet’s routers have been known for its portability and customizability. At the end of this year, we would like to introduce Spitz, the ultimate 4G LTE gateway that can boost your holiday experience wherever you go!

by GL.iNet , December 7, 2018

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Slate Excels as a CES 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree

[Hong Kong, November 8, 2018] GL Technologies (Hong Kong) Limited (or GL.iNet) today announced that it has been named a CES® 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree for Slate - a Gigabit Wireless Router for Security-savvy Travelers. The announcement was made during CES Unveiled New York, an invite-only tech event bringing together top media, exhibitors and industry leaders for a sneak peek of the products and trends expected at CES 2019, which will run January 8-11, 2019 in Las Vegas, NV.

by GL.iNet , November 12, 2018

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Fraud Email Alert

Dear GL.iNet customers, As part of our continuous efforts to secure your payment and improve your shopping experience, we need to make an official announcement about a recent fraud email account reaching some of our potential customers. The scam email finance@aonystars.com pretended to be our sales manager Arya Huang (correct email: arya@gl-inet.com) and asked two of our clients to change the bank account for payment to another via email. If you also received an email from the scam email account, please reply us and terminate your payment transfer immediately.

by GL.iNet , November 1, 2018

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Slate, the First Gigabit Router Designed for Security-savvy Travelers

[Hong Kong - June 20, 2018] GL.iNet’s routers have been known for its portability and customizability. This year, we are going to deliver a whole new experience for security-savvy users. Slate is an upgraded version of GL-AR750. Apart from a pair of external antennas to extend Wi-Fi signal coverage, it also comes with 3 gigabit ports to support fast Internet speed and shorten the time needed for transferring files through Ethernet.

by Sunitra Chan , July 17, 2018

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DNS-Over-TLS Built-In & Enforced - and the GL.iNet GL-AR750S

Earlier this month, we sent out a prototype of Slate to Mr. Junade Ali, the Lead Support Operations Engineer at Cloudflare, to test out the “DNS-Over-TLS” feature and here‘s what he said about Slate: GL.iNet GL-AR750S in black, same form-factor as the prior white GL.iNet GL-AR750. Credit card for comparison. Back in April, I wrote about how it was possible to modify a router to encrypt DNS queries over TLS using Cloudflare’s 1.

by Junade Ali , July 16, 2018

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GL.iNet Made its First Appearance at CeBit 2018

[Hannover, Germany - June 20, 2018] CeBit is one of the world’s largest electronics sourcing fair held in Germany. We are pleased to be one of the exhibitors at CeBit this year. Since it was our first time to attend the annual event, we can’t wait to introduce the GL.iNet collection to the CeBit visitors. The entire product family was being showcased at our booth D58-2, Hall 13 during June 11-15, 2018 and visitors came to our booth to get some hands-on experience on our OpenWRT routers.

by Sunitra Chan , June 26, 2018

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Privacy-Protecting Portable Router: Adding DNS-Over-TLS support to OpenWRT (LEDE) with Unbound

Today, we would like to share a detailed guide of how to set up DNS-Over-TLS with GL-AR750 written by Junade Ali. For those of you who have no idea what DNS-Over-TLS is, here is a little trivia for you: Your snooping ISP can strip-data-mine your every move on the internet and sell it to advertisers and marketing companies. DNS-Over-TLS is a new web browsing security tool to protect user privacy.

by Junade Ali , June 13, 2018

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