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The Future of IoT Device Management and Deploymenting at Scale

Organisations around the world continue to incorporate Internet of Things solutions into their existing processes and organization. Given the large volume and complexity of these operations associated with the Internet of Things, a number of elements need to be considered and managed. Connectivity, smart devices and cloud analytics are some of the core elements of IoT device management. Being able to monitor and update devices is critically important to developing and optimizing networks over time.

by David Thoms , July 28, 2021

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GL.iNet Enters Strategic Partnership with Domatica

GL.iNet and Domatica are pleased to announce a strategic partnership that combines Industrial Wireless Gateways and No-Code IoT Software Platforms technology. Domatica is leading the IoT market with cutting-edge IoT management and deployment technologies using EasyEdge - a No-Code IoT Platform for Industrial IoT Connectivity, and IoT Cube - a No-Code IoT Platform for rapid hardware deployments. GL-X300B (Collie) is tested to be fully compatible with Domatica’s EasyEdge and IoT Cube infrastructure.

by Sunitra Chan , July 20, 2021

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IoT Transforming Medical Solutions - Fetal Heartbeat Monitoring

With the rise of IoT Devices, the healthcare sector has a district impact in two major areas. One is the environmental monitoring, ensuring the patient environment is appropriate for their condition or situation, detecting and notifying providers of any change. The other area of monitoring is patients themselves, focusing on keeping track of their condition, allowing doctors or health care professionals to monitor them remotely. Traditionally patients were restricted to doctor visits, text message or over the phone communication with their doctors or healthcare professionals.

by David Thoms , July 16, 2021

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Wi-fi On The Road - RV Internet Setup with GL.iNet’s Spitz GL-X750V2

RV (recreational vehicles) are popular in North America, and are gaining popularity in other regions around the world. Friends and families are starting their own adventures, taking to the road for vacation or even as full time lifestyle nomads. Presents are facing a whole new set of exciting challenges for modern RV users, be it keeping your kids up to date with remote learning or just entertained with Netflix.

by David Thoms , July 7, 2021

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What Is a Site-to-Site VPN

A site-to-site Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a connection between two (or more) networks. They can be used for a series of applications, in particular corporate networks and branch office networks. Many organizations and businesses use site-to-site VPNs to leverage an internet connection for private traffic as an alternative to using private Multiprotocol Label Switching circuits. Site-to-Site VPN systems are frequently used by companies with multiple offices in different geographical locations that may require access or use of the corporate network on an ongoing basis.

by David Thoms , June 22, 2021

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Rugged Cams - Manufacturer of Security Camera Systems for Business and Industry

GL.iNet products are being utilized across a series of exciting industries. Rugged Cams got in touch to share how they are utilizing our Mango (GL-MT300N-V2) Router in their own products. Rugged Cams is a manufacturer and distributor of digital security equipment, located near Dallas, Texas. Priding themselves on delivering excellent customer service, they have been in business since 1993, producing superior security products thay soar above the competition within the security industry.

by David Thoms , May 28, 2021

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Is My Router Consuming Data?

The router is a Linux based system, having a list of programs running to make it work normally. There are 3 processes that will consume some data even when you are not using the router. They are mwan3 service, which is for multiple wan failover or load-balancing: NTP service, which synchronizes the time with time servers; and router’s management panel, when displayed in a browser, which detect Internet connection and show the status to the users.

by David Thoms , May 21, 2021

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4 Reasons You Need An IoT Device Management System

IoT is becoming an integral part of modern companies, from elaborate networks controlling key elements in manufacturing or just connecting or optimizing your office air conditioning. With this new technology comes new challenges. These systems, although fulfil sometimes a simple function, can become very complex in maintaining, and there is an increased risk of something being overlooked or not functioning properly. One area that doesn’t get enough focus in these complex digital setups is how are you going to maintain your IoT network?

by David Thoms , May 6, 2021

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Connecting to Your Watchguard Mobile VPN Using GL.iNet Routers

A lot of companies use Watchguard Firewall Appliances to protect their company network as well as working as their VPN servers. In this article we will show you how to connect to Watchguard Firebox Mobile VPN using your GL.iNet routers. The model we using in this example is Firebox T15 https://www.watchguard.com/wgrd-products/tabletop/firebox-t15 You should set up the Firebox according to the guidelines for Watchguard guide pro (via These guidelines and setup correspond to instructions given in this article.

by David Thoms , April 27, 2021

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Puli - 4G LTE Portable Wireless IoT Gateway That Packs a Punch!

We are proud to introduce Puli (GL-XE300), a portable 4G smart router that is perfect for business and IoT solutions. Pocket-sized and portable, this little IoT gateway packs a punch. Perfect for the small business looking to implement IoT Solutions or new IoT projects. Listening to customers feedback on the previous generation GL-MiFi, we made advancements across the board. With advanced CPU, larger storage capacities, and faster Wi-Fi speed. Puli is an exemplary gateway, designed with the goal of improving our existing features, and developing with out business customers demand for IoT solutions.

by David Thoms , March 12, 2021

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