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Podcast - Using GL.iNet Routers to Protect Digital Assets and Footprints

Thank you @Gabriel Custodiet for interviewing Alfie Jianbin Zhao, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of GL.iNet on the Watchman Privacy Podcast. In the past two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has forcefully induced an experimental remote workforce to reduce the risk of transmission. Two years later, work from home is no longer a necessity but has become a preferred working norm for some companies.

by Michael Choi , September 26, 2022

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Did you know how GL.iNet was founded?

Did you know how GL.iNet was founded? Our greatest appreciation to Cybernews for interviewing Alfie Jianbin Zhao, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of GL.iNet, and a special message to Vitalija of the Cybernews team for earnestly arranging the interview: Thanks to you, the core members of our team finally have a chance to sit together and look back at our accomplishments over the years, and what we have achieved in bringing a secured network to more of the world.

by Michael Choi , July 12, 2022

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Slate AX Early bird pre-order gone in 38 minutes!

Slate AX Early bird pre-order gone in 38 minutes! Slate AX (GL-AXT1800), our latest Wi-Fi 6 gigabit travel router has begun accepting pre-order offers on May 24th, 10am Hong Kong time. Thanks to our valuable supporters and Slate AX pre-order subscribers, we are happy to announce that our pre-order campaign was a huge success! Our super early bird offer ran out within 6 minutes; early bird offer ran out within 38 minutes; and pre-order offer ran out within the first week.

by Michael Choi , June 2, 2022

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One Step Closer to launching Slate AX

The Best Portable Wi-Fi 6 Experience Is On Its Way! We are happy to announce that Slate AX (GL-AXT1800), the latest Wi-Fi 6 travel router is entering the final testing phase for quality control and is about to conclude the final touches before our launch. What’s New? A quick update on the testing results, Slate AX can connect to 120 client devices simultaneously and is able to reach a VPN encryption speed of up to 550 Mbps using WireGuard and up to 120 Mbps using OpenVPN.

by Michael Choi , April 28, 2022

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Using Fiber Optic Internet on Flint (GL-AX1800) OpenWrt Home Router

Recently switched to CenturyLink for their affordable fiber service, but I don’t want to use the router/modem they provide. Therefore, I figured out how to use fiber with Flint (GL-AX1800) router instead. When it comes to fiber optic internet, your service provider will install an optical network terminal (ONT) for you. In my case, CenturyLink gave me one ONT and a router, however, I want to use my own router and hook it up using an Ethernet cable capable of fiber-optic speeds.

by Shanshan Deng , March 7, 2022

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Why Get A Router With AdGuard Home Pre-Installed

Why Get A Router With AdGuard Home Pre-Installed? We are bombarded by advertisements online everyday, whether reading the news, shopping, or streaming. What’s worse, your data such as browsing history and geo-locations are being tracked by Google Analytics! 🤯 To enjoy smoother browsing time and protect your privacy, it’s best to invest in a home router that blocks ads on all your devices! Protect All Your Devices in One Step ✅

by Christy Chui , February 23, 2022

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Should I Install a VPN Software or VPN Router in my Office?

Should I Install a VPN Software or VPN Router in my Office? A VPN Software is an application installed on a device, it protects the device running the application. A VPN Router is a router with a pre-installed firmware that lets it run VPN encryption, it protects network traffic from all devices going through the router. Before We Decide, How does a VPN work? A VPN protects an office network by directing internet traffic towards a server for VPN encryption and masking the original IP address from external networks in the process.

by Michael Choi , January 11, 2022

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Why Use Wi-Fi 6 For Gaming

Want to improve your gaming experience and level up? 🧐 Time to read this! Skills are important, but the quality of your network is too! If your network often lags and takes a long time to upload and download data, it can pull you down and make you lose your games! Now let’s see Why Wi-Fi 6 is good for you! Wi-Fi 6 is the latest generation of the Wi-Fi Standard.

by Christy Chui , December 31, 2021

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Products End of Life (EOL) Notice

GL.iNet is announcing an End of Life (EOL) on the following items effective now. Some of the products may still be available for purchase on our Web Store. We are discontinuing these items due to various reasons including its component will soon be obsolescence, or a new substitute model is available. Model Name: GL-USB150 Model Name: AR9331 Core Model Name: GL-MiFi Substitute Model: GL-XE300 Model Names: GL-AR150, GL-AR150-Ext, GL-AR150-PoE, GL-AR150-Ext-PoE

by Michael Choi , December 28, 2021

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A New Milestone for GoodCloud – Remote Device Management Platform

GL.iNet is proud to announce that we were granted the Smart Business (Solution for Business and Public Sector Enterprise) Award - Certificate of Merit of ICT Awards 2021. “Businesses should focus on building the unique IoT applications rather than dealing with IoT architecture and connections” said Dr. Alfie Jianbin Zhao, CTO of GL.iNet. The reason why we created the GoodCloud platform is to accelerate our users and business partner’s IoT projects development by simplifying the time consuming and complicated process of managing IoT devices.

by Michael Choi , December 16, 2021

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