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How to Tether Your Phone to GL Routers via EasyTether.

There are several reasons you need to share your smartphone’s data to your router: Carriers tries to give you a plan with plenty of data but actually you don’t need that much. 4G speed is quite fast and it beats your home Internet speed. You can use the data for your laptop. Using your phone as a hotspot directly is easy, but you cannot connect too many devices. It is very easy to share your data to GL.

by Hill , June 21, 2017

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How many wireless devices can one GL mini router handle?

Question: How many wireless devices can one GL mini router handle? Answer: That depends on the encryption method which the mini router is using. We did a test and used PSK2 as encryption method and connected totally 39 devices (this is all we have) to the router without problem. When 15 devices were playing YouTube video, the router worked fine. When 25 devices were playing YouTube video, some devices experienced long time waiting.

by Hill , June 6, 2017

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GL-MT300N ranked #4 in 8 Best Mini Travel Routers | May 2017 by Ezvid Wiki

The bright yellow GLI GL-MT300N is a compact way to convert a wired connection into a wireless one, and it can also be used to create secure networks from unprotected public ones for added digital safety. It’s compatible with VPNs for additional security and anonymity. weighs less than 2 ounces dual ethernet ports settings changes may cause shutdown Brand GLI Model GL-MT300N Weight 3.

by alzhao , May 5, 2017

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Build Your OpenWrt Firmware in 30 Minutes

Now you can build your own customized OpenWrt firmware for GL routers in 30 minutes. Here is how: Hardware requirement: Router: you need to have one OpenWrt supported router. For example, all GL routers are supported by OpenWrt and have serial connectors. Linux: you need to have a Linux PC, you can use Ubuntu, Debian, Centro OS etc. If you only have windows, you can install a virtual machine like virtualbox, which is free.

by alzhao , May 31, 2016

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How to Setup Repeater Bridge Using OpenWrt on GL Mini Routers

A repeater bridge, is a combination of repeater and dumb AP. The mini router only acts as a relay and connect all your devices to your main router. It doesn’t act as a gateway and DHCP server. This mode is generally used to amplify your signal distances. There are two methods to build such a mode. One is WDS (which is built into wireless drivers) and the other is software relayd.

by alzhao , May 25, 2016

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How to open the case of GL Mini routers

Now you have a great GL mini router, whether it is GL-AR150, GL-AR300M, GL-MT300N or GL-MT300A. You may need to insert a MicroSD card in MT300A, or use the serial connectors. Here is a short video telling you how to open the case without damaging it. What you need is a think screwdriver alike tool.

by alzhao , May 17, 2016

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How to Enter the Uboot Web UI

GL routers all have a Uboot web interface in case you brick them. You might have done something wrong when you DIY your firmware, but you can eventually save your router by flashing the default firmware back using Uboot Web UI. The processes of entering the Web UI for different routers are more or less the same. The common procedure: Connect only one cable to your router, and leave the other port (LAN or WAN) unconnected.

by alzhao , March 16, 2016

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Using DDWRT in GL-MT300N and GL-MT300A

This post is about DIY and install 3rd party firmware. This guide is given as is and DDWRT firmware is not supported by us. Please refer to DDWRT for support. You can use ddwrt in GL-MT300N and GL-MT300A. Here is one firmware that works, ddwrt for buffalo whr 300hp2 http://www.dd-wrt.com/site/support/other-downloads?path=betas%2F2016%2F03-07-2016-r29218%2Fbuffalo_whr_300hp2%2F The firmware with name “firmware.uimage” is tested. Steps to install DDWRT: You can flash this firmware to the router using the default WebUI.

by alzhao , March 11, 2016

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WiFi Pineapple for firmware AR150

Hi, thanks for our hackers, the firmware is here: https://github.com/kow/glinetpineapple

by alzhao , February 15, 2016

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Using DDWRT and OpenVPN on GL-AR150 and GL.iNet6416

Update July 2016: GL-AR150 is now having an official ddwrt firmware for it now. Here is a detailed video of how to use DDWRT in GL.iNet 6416 and GL-AR150, configure OpenVPN using free account from FinchVPN. DDWRT firmware: DDWRT firmware can be downloaded from DDWRT website. For GL.iNet 6416, we will use the firmware compiled for TP-Link WR710V1. In DDWRT website, go to Download->other download->betas and find the newest build.

by alzhao , November 11, 2015

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