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GL.iNet6416 uboot flashing

Here is a video that demonstrate the process of upgrading your firmware using uboot web UI. This applies to almost all of GLI routers, including 6416, AR150, AR300, MT300A, MT300N, MT750 and Domino boards. In summary: Connect only one cable to your router, and leave the other unplugged. First, press and hold the Reset button firmly; then power on your device. Set your computer’s IP address to 192.

by alzhao , November 11, 2015

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Using SSH Proxy in GL.iNet 6416

Using SSH Proxy in GL.iNet 6416 In GL.iNet 6416, you can use ssh proxy. (these features are removed from AR150 firmware) Here are simple instructions. Navigate to “SSH Proxy” page. Check “Enable SSH Proxy” and “Enable transparency” Input your SSH server, .e.g using IP address or domain name Input your SSH username. Choose RSA for Authentication method. There is a bug for using password what cannot be solved by now.

by alzhao , November 7, 2015

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New Tor firmware for GL-AR150 and GL.iNet6416

The new Tor firmware is built on top of OpenWrt CC1505. Now it comes with Domino Web UI. So you can modify your network settings easily. The download links are: Tor 6416, Tor AR150 Please refer to the attached video to learn how to flash the Tor firmware to your router.  How to use: Connect via SSID “tor” or using LAN cable will go through the Tor anonymity network Connect via SSID “OpenWrt” will have normal Internet connection.

by alzhao , October 27, 2015

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Come visit us at Global Sources Mobile Electronics Show

Come visit us at booth 9H17 at Global sources Mobile Electronics show from Oct 18th to 21th.

by alzhao , October 17, 2015

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Using GL-AR150 to control Blink(1) mk2

Jeroen make this fun scripts to control Blink(1) mk2 using GL-AR150. The article and scripts is posted here: https://www.gl-inet.com/forums/topic/how-to-read-ans-set-gpio-values-in-gl-ar150/

by alzhao , September 30, 2015

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GL.iNet 6416 With PPS/GPS/NTP Time Source

GL.iNet 6416 provides more accurate result than Raspberry Pi when used as PPS+GPS+NTP server. Check Paul’s great work! http://pjrlost.blogspot.com/2015/09/ar9331-pps-gps-ntp-awesome.html

by alzhao , September 4, 2015

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Using Tor on LAN port

The Tor firmware downloaded from our website only route connections from ssid – “Tor” to the tor network. If you want to router all connection from LAN to the Tor network, you need to duplicate the configuration. Here is the detailed guidance.


by alzhao , March 19, 2015

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