Puli - 4G LTE Portable Wireless IoT Gateway that packs a punch!

GL.iNet Puli Gateway

We are proud to introduce Puli (GL-XE300), a portable 4G smart router that is perfect for business and IoT solutions. Pocket-sized and portable, this little IoT gateway packs a punch. Perfect for the small business looking to implement IoT Solutions or new IoT projects. Listening to customers feedback on the previous generation GL-MiFi, we made advancements across the board. With advanced CPU, larger storage capacities, and faster Wi-Fi speed. Puli is an exemplary gateway, designed with the goal of improving our existing features, and developing with out business customers demand for IoT solutions.

GL.iNet Puli Gateway
We created Interchangeable Modules

Puli (GL-XE300)’s customizable design provides a unique solution to today’s market, providing many exciting possibilities and applications at home or in industry. Puli is easily configurable with built-in interchangeable modules for full optimization. Compatible with CAT4 and CAT6, allowing for different downstream throughput, as well as access to different bands to satisfy a variety of requirements.

Supporting the latest IPv6 and WPA encryption

Puli gives an extra layer for encryption providing the latest version of Internet Protocol (IPv6), enhancing your cybersecurity as well as WPA3 encryption, taking your Wi-Fi security to the next level.

GL.iNet Puli Gateway
Keep Your Commercial Data Safe with VPN

It is now easier than ever to Web UI 3.0 to configure and setup a VPN on your Puli. This extra level of encryption allows you to access files securely. Puli is compatible with 30+ plus VPN service providing you or your business extra options/customization. Using a Virtual Private Network providing an extra level of security for business and enterprise with an enhanced level of commercial data security.

IoT Module

Business customers can enjoy our IoT module, which is compatible with Bluetooth or Zigbee. With Puli, you can monitor and manage, other devices making it perfect for DIY projects and a variety of business and industry applications. Be it helping your staff with “Point of Sale” or your next Robotics project, Puli can be that extra component to help drive your business ambitions.

About GL.iNet

We are a leading developer of OpenWRT pre-installed wireless routers and world-class solution providers, offering quality services of smart cities, data privacy protection, and enterprise IoT. We partner with like-minded companies around the globe to provide phenomenal products and services. We aim to build a smarter lifestyle. For more information, visit gl-inet.com, or connect with GL.iNet on Facebook, Twitter, and GL.iNet’s Blog.

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