Rugged Cams - Manufacturer of Security Camera Systems for Business and Industry

GL.iNet products are being utilized across a series of exciting industries. Rugged Cams got in touch to share how they are utilizing our Mango (GL-MT300N-V2) Router in their own products. Rugged Cams is a manufacturer and distributor of digital security equipment, located near Dallas, Texas. Priding themselves on delivering excellent customer service, they have been in business since 1993, producing superior security products thay soar above the competition within the security industry.

The owners have first experience in the retail and services industries, with a first hand understanding of running business such as car washes, gas stations and laundromats. This knowledge puts Rugged Cams above our industry competitors, with our engineering and design specifically built with customers needs in mind, providing the most optimal solution for business owners and operators.

Rugged Cams faces a number of challenges in developing their extensive and growing line of security and digital video recorders. Certain requirements are becoming more and more important in the digital age, with customers' expectations requiring remote and unattended sites.

Rugged Cams was started 21 years ago by Allen Spears. Spears owned a few car washes and saw the need for security on his sites as well as in the larger industry as a whole. Fortunately his Engineering background gave him a distinct advantage in creating his new security camera systems, which he designed to specifically endure harsh environments found at his car washes. His systems caught on and soon other industries with harsh or challenging environments took notice. Rugged Cams now supplies security systems on fishing ships (even used in the TV show “Deadliest Catch”), police and military vehicles, weather/tornado trucks and even to the explosive ordnance industry. Their systems have been utilized by companies who seek out unexplored bombs with bulldozers, using their camera systems as “eyes” to keep their staff safe.

Within one of their products they utilized our GL-MT300N-V2 Mango Router. They saw a need for an outdoor NVR (Network Video Recorder) that was rugged enough to withstand the hot dry air of Texas as well as the freezing cold of Alaska (as well as everything in between). What good is your rugged camera, if you do not have a rugged NVR to record to? The other requirement was that our devices required applications to be put in reach of conventional networks. Rugged Cam coordinated a series of small tests with portable Wi-Fi hotspots to allow them to connect to our Network Video Recorders. They encountered issues with a number units until they came across GL-MT300N-V2 Mango Router, which is now a key component in Rugged Cam’s outdoor NVR units ever since. Rugged Cam required a device for users who needed to be able to access an outdoor NVR when in proximity to it. The Mango acted as a local hotspot for accessing an NVR and cameras.

“We use the GL Mango, with nearly "out of the box" functionality”, says CJ Gausvik from Rugged Cam. “The Mango serves as a wifi hotspot so that the customer can connect remotely with our NVR. We also have some customers use USB cellular devices to extend the range - and we are very happy with the compatibility of the Mango for these cellular devices.”

“We thought about all the issues we were having with our hotspots.”continues CJ, “and the Mango solved all those problems. After testing one, we were sold almost immediately. Easy to set up, reliable and affordable, how can you go wrong?”

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