Slate AX Early bird pre-order gone in 38 minutes!

Slate AX Early bird pre-order gone in 38 minutes!

Slate AX (GL-AXT1800), our latest Wi-Fi 6 gigabit travel router has begun accepting pre-order offers on May 24th, 10am Hong Kong time.

Thanks to our valuable supporters and Slate AX pre-order subscribers, we are happy to announce that our pre-order campaign was a huge success! Our super early bird offer ran out within 6 minutes; early bird offer ran out within 38 minutes; and pre-order offer ran out within the first week. We are expecting to ship these early bird pre-order offers starting in July.

Slate AX early bird sold out

Pre-order at $10 USD off is still available

Although the early bird offers have ended within a week of launch, a newly released pre-order offer at $10 USD off of its original price is still available for purchase, if you are looking to learn more or pre-order Slate AX, feel free to check out the following link:

A Wi-Fi 6 Travel Companion

Slate AX’s compact design, easy deployment, and convenience in encrypting connected devices makes it the perfect secured travel router for frequent travelers.

Slate offers a Wi-Fi 6 Speed of up to 600 Mbps (2.4G) + 1200 Mbps (5G), along with VPN encryption speed of up to 120Mbps on OpenVPN and 550Mbps on WireGuard. It supports 512GB TF card storage for cloud file sharing with configurable access permission, and the device is also approved to use DFS, with available access to additional channels under high density network environments.

Slate AX on office table

Slate AX’s Cozy Sleeping Spot

When your Slate AX is resting after a long day, our GL.iNet accessory bag is a convenient option that gives it extra protection, especially during travel. It fits perfectly with its power and ethernet cable friends too.

Slate AX’s accessory bag is made of high quality EVA, it is crush resistant, anti-shock, and water resistant to provide adequate protection for the router and its accessories.

Click here to learn more:

Slate AX accessory bag
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