Solar-powered MiFi: Travel Safe and Eco-friendly


It has been a while since we last published a blog entry. We’re going to deliver more articles of high quality in the future. Please email us if there’s a particular topic you want us to discuss. This time, we’d like to introduce an eco-friendly Wi-Fi solution for frequent travelers and regular road Wi-Fi users: Using a solar panel to power our GL-MiFi.

Why use a Solar Panel?

While GL-MiFi already has an internal battery (5,000mAh), it’s great to have an alternative power source just in case it runs out of juice, better yet, it’s completely free and you can power your router anywhere under the sunlight. It will come in handy when you’re traveling in a less developed country where electricity isn’t as easily accessible as your home country.


Keep your router powered throughout day and night…

If you’re on a road trip, simply fix the solar panel on top of your vehicle, it will provide unlimited power supply to your router and charge the built-in battery simultaneously. It will automatically switch to battery mode if the sunlight is insufficient to power your router. If you’re driving long enough under the sunlight, you probably don’t need to charge your router at all during the night.


When you’re home…

Most travel routers are only for “travel purpose” but GL-MiFi is too awesome to be put aside after a trip. You can use GL-MiFi as a repeater to extend the Wi-Fi signals to the “dead zones” in your home. We have an even more interesting proposal for you: using solar-powered GL-MiFi to support the security camera in your yard. If you’re living in an area with sufficient sunlight, simply place a solar panel on the roof or outside your house to harvest energy from the sun and supply continuous power to GL-MiFi. In sunny days, the average power supply to GL-MiFi is about 4.3v, and the electric current is close to 1,000mA. You may also attach your security camera to GL-MiFi for power supply. GL-MiFi offers about 8 hours of battery life when it is fully charged. In this case, the security camera will function properly even when the power goes out.

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