Spitz AX on the Road

Working From the Far

As technology advances and as people value freedom and independence more day by day, workers prefer to work remotely at their desired location. And to fully enable work remotely, you must first have a reliable internet connection.

If you are a constant traveler while working, you need a variety of network connectivity methods prepared for your RV. The nomadic lifestyle of a worker enables work and travel simultaneously, as long as there is a stable internet connection. But reliable network services are not guaranteed when you are traveling from one place to another.

dual-SIM system

No Redundancy is Redundant

When it comes to internet connection methods on the road, redundancy is not redundant.

Redundancy is reliability. You should always have at least two ways to connect to the internet when you are on your nomadic working journey. And it is important to keep your information secure when you are using public networks.

Extending the Carrier Coverage: Dual-SIM

dual-SIM system
Spitz AX has a dual-SIM system, allowing you to have an extra cellular data connection without the fuss to change manually. Sometimes, one mobile carrier may not be able to provide a stable network covering every inch of land, meaning there might be cellular dead zones for each ISP, which is why having multiple cellular data services from different carriers is important for your remote network connection. You can easily switch between the 2 SIM cards inserted into your Spitz AX to experience better cellular service.

With just one to two cellular plans, you can share the cellular data across your family and keep your internet service costs within a budget.

Increasing Efficiency & Effectiveness: Multi-WAN

Secure Access to Your Files

Spitz AX (GL-X3000)‘s multi-WAN technology enables you to access the internet with several methods in just one compact body, from Ethernet, Cellular Data, to Wi-Fi.

With Spitz AX’s multi-WAN technology, you can either use the failover system when there are fewer stable connection options or make use of the load-balancing system to distribute bandwidth among connection methods and minimize network congestion.

When fewer devices are accessing the internet and demand less of the network connection, you can input the priority for network connection in the setup for the failover system to switch from one connection method to another automatically when needed.

If you happen to have multiple devices accessing internet services at the same time, you can enable Spitz AX’s load-balancing to spread the internet usage on each connection method. By distributing bandwidth by custom proportion, you can minimize the network congestion on each connection method and prioritize your data consumption. For both failover and load-balancing systems, you can manually customize the priority for the connection methods in the user-friendly interface.

Cellular Reception in Nowhere

It is hard to get an internet signal when you are in a remote location, away from the convenience of the city. Long-range cellular reception helps with providing you with a stable connection. Spitz AX is equipped with 6 detachable omnidirectional antennas for long-range reception with wall penetration capabilities. You don’t have to worry about your RV walls blocking the cellular signals for you to connect to.

There are times that you might be stopping when crossing the border of each state or country and the cellular signals are too weak to function with just the antennas that came with Spitz AX. The solution for such matters is simple.

6 detachable omnidirectional antennas
To further enhance the reception, you can detach the omnidirectional antennas and connect Spitz AX to an external GPS antenna or dome antenna. With antennas ranging further, you will be able to connect to faraway internet services.

For you to be able to connect your Spitz AX to dome antenna and to keep things even more organized, you can simply deploy Spitz-AX on the interior window of your RV. Spitz AX comes with a screw-free sticky wall mount, you can attach the wall mount hanging feature to your Spitz AX and keep it in place even on a bumpy ride.

Secure Access to Your Files

Secure Access to Your Files

Spitz AX’s Wi-Fi 6 technology allows you to set up a VPN while connected to public Wi-Fi, and reduces latency by bypassing congested networks. With a VPN to secure your network access, you can safely acquire your confidential data and file anywhere to work effectively.

Spitz AX also features local network storage that supports SMB Protocol and WebDAV protocols. You can access your local files on any device with ease and share files of all kinds over a private network just by plugging an external USB into the router.

Secure Smooth Network Anywhere

Spitz AX supports Wi-Fi 6 and 5G NR connection, making your network connection high-speed, reliable, and secure. 5G NR reception overcomes network congestion, offering a reduction in latency while being connected in a dense environment. And Wi-Fi 6 provides simultaneous efficient data transmission to multiple client devices. It provides client devices with reduced power consumption with the Target Wake Time feature, and provides a high-security feature with Wi-Fi Protected Access 3 protocol and Protected Management Frames. Having both working together in harmony provides seamless wireless connectivity with extra layers of security in high-density environments.

Spitz AX is designed to be compatible with global usage, supporting Internet Service Provider’s services everywhere in the world. Spitz AX also has the approval to use Dynamic Frequency Selection in the US, UK, Europe, and Japan, making additional frequencies available to you. These additional frequency channels can help with lowering your network congestion and improving your network connection.

For you to use Spitz AX globally easily, it also comes with a USB Type-C power supply, which includes EU, US, and UK plug adapters.

Learn more about Spitz AX’s frequency bands here.

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