Spitz Gets AT&T IoT Certified

A Dual-Band 4G Router For Commercial Applications & Rural Areas

Being a 4G LTE smart router, it is essential to be compatible with different mobile telecommunication companies. We are happy to announce that Spitz (GL-X750V2) with the CAT4 module is now an AT&T certified device. It is also compatible with other major telecommunication companies such as T-Mobile in the United States. This advanced version of Spitz (GL-X750V2) comes with optimized antennas that are designed for the US market, especially for AT&T, which is an American telecommunications company that covers most networks in the United States, including remote places. We also redesigned the PCBA to improve the 4G performance for this upgraded version.

America Wireless Coverage

Spitz is a 4G LTE router that helps to connect traditional devices to the Internet. It comes with different unique features that are suitable for a variety of situations, including commercial applications, such as smart farming, smart city, transportation communication, smart mobile home etc. It is also perfect for being the Internet solution in remote areas, like one of our users shared his experience in optimizing the rural Internet with Spitz on his Youtube channel. With the recent AT&T certification, the coverage of Spitz is improved, especially for rural places.

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Essential Features You Need In Commercial Rural Internet Solutions

Stable WiFi Performance

GL.iNet GL-X750V2

Stability is a vital factor when considering a commercial router. Imagine you are in the middle of a project, and your WiFi disconnects! Oh no, not the best situation when running a professional service. With Spitz, this kind of situation can be avoided. Spitz is a dual-band wireless router with WiFi speed up to 300Mbps in 2.4GHz and 433Mbps in 5GHz. It also comes with a built-in SIM card slot that supports a 4G LTE network. A 4G WiFi router provides you with an emergency backup solution, in case any wireless network connection problems occur.

GL.iNet GL-X750V2
Picture provided by: We Must Be Geeks

Spitz also comes in handy for Internet connection in remote areas. We have a user sharing his experience of using Spitz in his RV here. With our recent AT&T network compatibility certificate, it becomes extra helpful for rural WiFi connection. There is no problem to use your AT&T SIM card with Spitz (GL-X750V2) in CAT4 Module.

IoT Gateway For Your Devices

GL.iNet GL-X750V2
An IoT gateway is perfect for business users with a lot of smart devices

Spitz works more than a normal router, it can also be your IoT gateway for all your smart devices. This is a helpful feature for enterprises, especially if you own a lot of different smart devices in your store or office. Spitz works as a lightweight gateway connecting IoT devices through Bluetooth or Zigbee modules. A wall mount is also designed for easy installation in different scenarios. You can install Spitz on different surfaces to optimize its performance.

Smart Mobile Home
Smart Mobile Home from coodo

Apart from enterprise, this feature is also perfect for smart mobile homes, which provides you a new way of living. A smart home usually contains different IoT devices such as security sensors, cameras, TV etc. By using Spitz, you can not only enjoy the remote living lifestyle but also an IoT gateway to connect your devices. In terms of usability, you can set up and manage your device easily with our 3-in-1 (WiFi, Networking, and IoT) system, GoodCloud. You can actively monitor all devices that are connected to your router, which comes in handy when you need to manage all your IoT devices at the same time.

Interchangeable Module Tailored To Your Demands

We know different enterprises and projects will have their own business needs, that’s why Spitz is designed to be easily configurable and has a built-in interchangeable module for full customization and optimization. In this way, all your corporate or personal demands can be fulfilled with diverse modules. It is also compatible with CAT4 and CAT6 modules from various brands.

Large Storage Compatibility

GL.iNet GL-X750V2

A large storage compatibility router is essential for users since you can create a local network drive to store data and share the information with your other compatible devices like laptop, mobile, and tablet. Spitz comes with a built-in card slot that supports a maximum of 128GB MicroSD cards. With the extra storage, sharing files across devices becomes such an easy process for your projects!

We are proud to be listed under the AT&T certified devices! It gives you more options when choosing a mobile telecommunication service for Spitz!

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