Stay Connected in the Countryside with Band 71

Staying connected in some rural areas is never easy. In fact, it can be downright tough and frustrating. Back in 2017, T-Mobile, a mobile telecommunication company, purchased Band 71, known as a long-range 600MHz spectrum, to expand its LTE network coverage.

Because of this, you can freely escape from the urban cities and stay connected at the same time. All you need is a gadget that supports Band 71. However, up until recently, this is very rare to see a data-only device that supports Band 71.

Road Trip Internet Trips
Stay connected even when you are camping or traveling | Photo Credit: Andrew Neel

What is Band 71?

Band 71 is a low-frequency cellular spectrum, and it can travel further but requires fewer towers to cover an area. In the United States, this network covers 350 rural areas and towns. It is extremely convenient for American citizens especially when they are taking a road trip or simply living in a rural environment. One thing you need to bear in mind is “Band 71 does not equal 5G”. Even if one device supports Band 71, it does not mean 5G compatible.

How to Get Internet Access

Meet Spitz (GL-X750), a 4G LTE smart router that can connect traditional devices to the Internet. This router comes with different models, which are compatible in different regions, including North America, New Zealand, Brazil, etc. One of our models (GL-X750C4-AF) supports Band 71 with a CAT4 module. Spitz also comes with built-in interchangeable modules, large storage compatibility (built-in MicroSD slot that supports maximum 128GB card), security connection (30+ VPN service providers for your selection), and IoT gateway for connecting your smart devices.

Device that supports Band 71
Get to know Spitz now!

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