The Future of IoT Device Management and Deploymenting at Scale

Organisations around the world continue to incorporate Internet of Things solutions into their existing processes and organization. Given the large volume and complexity of these operations associated with the Internet of Things, a number of elements need to be considered and managed. Connectivity, smart devices and cloud analytics are some of the core elements of IoT device management. Being able to monitor and update devices is critically important to developing and optimizing networks over time. Device management is a fundamental element of a successful IoT ecosystem. It does not end at device installation and deployment. Devices require software updates, bug fixing, notification and automations functions to ensure systems are running effectively.

Elements of a IoT Management System

IoT device management systems are the foundational component of an IoT ecosystem, taking responsibility for managing various devices and sensors on various platforms. The GoodCloud device management system is an example of this process in action. A robust and flexible device management system that is equipped with advanced features allows organizations to optimize, maintain and manage devices in an IoT system. GoodCloud allows organizations to have control over the core fundamental elements of device management, listed below:

Remote Monitoring - Live monitoring of each device, including CPU, RAM, Load, Clients, etc.

Network Optimisation - Optimize devices across your network via web gui and a web based ssh connection to your device. Access even when the router is in a NAT.

Region Grouping - Control is your hands, bind a device to your account, and unbind at any time. GoodCloud is GDPR compliant with servers in Europe, America and Asia, with your device only being available within that region.

S2S (Site-to-site) - GoodCloud S2S (Site-to-Site) is a simplified SDN (Software-Defined Network), perfect for multiple office collaboration while keeping the same level of security, elasticity and automation.

Batch Management - Managing devices and batch configure utilizing templates for easy update and configuration groups of devices at the sametime.

Data Analysis - Able to monitor devices performance and optimize accordingly. GoodCloud also enables businesses to back up with a Big Data framework. From this, you can manage your Wi-Fi network with such data as traffic analysis.

Large Changes, Large Challenges

Cybersecurity is a key issue for IoT devices management. Security breaches, hacking of browsers, systems, and servers are a serious threat with the risk of losing large amounts of sensitive or important data, and in some cases customer or financial information. GoodCloud devices management solutions come pre-installed with hardware-based encryption, and centralized cloud management platform for optimal control and top-notch security. Another major hurdle is scalability. Being able to deploy and manage IoT devices across a plethora of neworks. Goodcloud provides optimal control from a simple point via the cloud platform with just a few clicks, via your desktop or your mobile devices. An interesting issue is that IoT devices and systems are becoming more and more in demand, but the other factor right now is that the deployment costs can be high. With the average IoT development cost ranging from $10,000 to $50,000*. This can be a challenge for SEMs who wish to optimize or develop new products or services. It can also be a problem for larger companies who are looking to implement a larger change across their global teams, departments or divisions. GL.iNet specializes in affordable and scalable IoT device management solutions, catering for companies of varying size and business goals.

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The author is Saloni Walimbe of GM Insights.

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