The Updated GL.iNet App Is Ready!

glinet app download

With the latest functions included, the GL.iNet App is now available for download in [App Store] ( and [Google Play] (

glinet app status

Now we’d like to share with you some of those latest functions of GL.iNet App. As you can see from the figure above, our updated dashboard shows you the status of the network your phone is connecting to, so that you can manage, for example, your home and office Wi-Fi with your handy fiddle. Also, the simple yet convenient navigation enables you to finish your own tasks effortlessly.

Seeing Everything with a Glimpse

After you log into the system, you will be led to the home page which updates you about the status of the network your phone is connected to, making it a lot more convenient to monitor your home and/or office Wi-Fi. Functions like DEVICE SUMMARY, WI-FI NETWORK, etc., are just within a tap, so that you can finish your check in no time, and shift back to whatever you’ve been doing. The cloud icon, coupled with the cross symbol, enables you to bind your smart-phone to cloud from the homepage.

glient cloud binding

Staying Updated and Protected

From STATISTICS, you can enable real-time speed and traffic, so that you can keep an eye on the status, reliability and safeness of your network. From this, you can have a look at the real-time performance of your network every time you fiddle the Status page. We’re sure you’ll take pleasure in seeing how the App keeps you, your family, as well as your devices, connected, safe and sound!

glinet stat

Your Security As Our Priority

Since more of your devices go online, we understand you want to have control over how the network is merged with those home services. First, Local Mode helps to enhance your own privacy. In other words, You don’t have to register and use the cloud in order to use your devices and Apps. Second, the App can remember and store your login password securely, and that you can save time in doing something else you find valuable. Last but not least, we don’t ask for extra permissions on your phone except for guiding your smart-phone for connection to the router. So, the App is pretty clean! “I’m really excited to see the evolution of our GL.iNet App these days,” says Mr. Simon Li, who’s the E-Commerce director from GL Technologies (Hong Kong) Limited. He then goes on, “This updated App, though, marks the beginning, and we do look forward to leveling up our software so that our clients can have better user experience of connecting and managing GL.iNet products via their phone.”

About GL.iNet

GL.iNet builds network hardware and software solutions that bring affordable and secure network connectivity to families and businesses all over the world. We work with a wide range of industries, solving everyday internet problems in offices, and providing complex networking solutions such as smart buildings and IoT Networks. At GL.iNet, We believe all successful businesses build upon a strong and secure foundation, which is why our highest priority is perfecting network security and reliability for our partners.