Using DDWRT in GL-MT300N and GL-MT300A

This post is about DIY and install 3rd party firmware. This guide is given as is and DDWRT firmware is not supported by us. Please refer to DDWRT for support.

You can use ddwrt in GL-MT300N and GL-MT300A. Here is one firmware that works, ddwrt for buffalo whr 300hp2

The firmware with name “firmware.uimage” is tested.

Steps to install DDWRT:

  1. You can flash this firmware to the router using the default WebUI. It passes the firmware check.
  2. After the router reboot, reconnect your network cable. Your computer will get IP address from your main router, not GL-MT300. Because this firmware bridges the two LAN ports.
  3. If you want to setup ddwrt, change your computer’s IP address to manually then visit
  4. Set up the WAN and LAN port correctly now. On the WebUI, go to administration->commands and put the following code in the input area, then click “save startup”
  5. reboot
swconfig dev switch0 vlan 1 set ports '1 2 3 4 5 6t'
swconfig dev switch0 vlan 2 set ports '0 6t'
swconfig dev switch0 set apply
nvram set lan_ifnames='vlan1 ra0 ba0'
nvram commit

Steps to use DDWRT:

  1. The default user is root and password is “admin” in case you want to use ssh.
  2. For the first time you set up ddwrt using the webUI, you need to set up your own username and password. Don’t forget this username and password!!!!
  3. After login, add security for your wifi. By default it is open.

Enjoy DDWRT!