What are the Internet Options for Rural Areas? Cirrus Could be the WiFi Solution

Internet access in rural areas is an ongoing problem, according to the Pew Research Center, about 24% of rural American think high-speed Internet is a major problem, whereas only 13% of urban users agree with the statement. It is indeed a huge problem for people that are working or staying home during the coronavirus outbreak.

Luckily, we have a solution for you. You can now connect to the Internet in remote areas with our new ceiling wireless access point, Cirrus (GL-AP1300LTE). Cirrus comes with a pre-installed 4G LTE module, which is very handy for users that live or work in rural areas. It is also the perfect IoT gateway for home smart devices, which allows you to connect more than 100 devices without any delays. The unique features of Cirrus helps you to stay connected in the countryside:

A ceiling wireless access point with VPN support
Cirrus comes with multiple unique features that are suitable for home settings

30+ VPN Services for Your Selection

We know security is vital to home users. All our networking products, including Cirrus, support 30+ popular commercial OpenVPN and WireGuard VPN services. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) protects and secures your personal data, such as credit card information, during online shopping. It also allows you to hide your actual IP address and change your online geographic location. This strategy comes in handy if you want to stream Netflix from another geographical location, or if you just want to browse the web safely and securely. Changing your IP address allows you to watch movies or videos that are not available to your countries.

Built-in 4G LTE Module

The built-in 4G LTE module is the solution of staying connected in remote areas. With the growth of 4G LTE networks, many mobile telecommunication companies offer affordable 4G LTE mobile hotspot plans. Some of them even cover 350 rural areas and towns. With a 4G LTE network, you can connect all your devices wirelessly, including smartphone, television, or laptop. By establishing the cellular network, Cirrus can automatically move to the 4G LTE wireless network in case of Ethernet Internet failure. In this way, a constant Intenet connection can be maintained, which is a vital feature for rural area users.

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We know staying connected in remote areas is never easy. Cirrus is the perfect option for you if you live or work in a town or an area with weak Internet. Don’t miss out on the pre-order special discount for Cirrus. Pre-order now and stay connected!

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