Find the Best Router for Your Dad

Or are you the dad?

How’s your relationship with your father?

When you were growing up……

Did he teach you how to play your first video game?

Did he take you on fishing trips?

Or did he spend his hours at home up in the study making money for the family?

No matter which type of dad they are, you can still be a good child and get his internet needs fulfilled! There is always a router for each dad type. Match up your dad type with our routers!

Dear Workaholic Father

Workaholic Father and his recommended accessories

Father is always stern and mysterious, holed up in his study, working on mountains of paperwork. His face can hardly be seen, except at the dinner table. And there are times when he is out on work trips, carrying the burden of being the breadwinner for the household.

With the combination of Brume2(GL-MT2500) & Slate AX(GL-AXT1800), he can work anywhere he wants with ease, enjoying the best of both worlds: flexibility and productivity.

By simply setting up Brume2(GL-MT2500) as a VPN server connecting to the company’s local drive, he can then securely access local files from a distance, saving time and effort by avoiding the need to be physically present at the office. This dynamic combination grants him the freedom to work efficiently, even when working remotely.

The VPN cascading function provides double-layered protection, allowing your hardworking father to simultaneously run two VPNs. He can utilize Wireguard to connect to his office server while using OpenVPN for web browsing and email communication in his home office.

Let’s Get Gaming Together

Gamer Dad and his recommended accessory

Is your dad a gamer? Did he bring you into the world of gaming with the old-school console games years ago?

What is the first game he introduced you to? Mario Kart? Final Fantasy? The Legend of Zelda? Or was it Pokémon?

The good thing is most of those classic games that you played when you were young are making a comeback in recent years. And you can relive the childhood fun you shared with your gamer dad, but now maybe the apprentice has surpassed the master.

For this Father’s Day, you can easily get him Beryl AX(GL-MT3000) to bring his gaming anywhere he goes. Beryl AX(GL-MT3000) has incorporated the Wi-Fi 6 technology, so both you and he can enjoy low-latency gaming at home. Now that so many classic console games are having a comeback, you can enjoy a good old game night at home and celebrate this Father’s Day.

Also, your dad can easily take Beryl AX(GL-MT3000) and his Nintendo Switch out if he fancies gaming on his trips, to provide him with Wi-Fi 6 network connection even when he’s traveling.

Or Shall We Explore?

Pops, The Explorer, and his recommended accessories

Did your pops ever take you out on a retreat-like weekend trip to the fishing pond just patiently waiting for fishes to take the bait? Or is he a travel enthusiast, who is just about family trips all the time?

Just so many memories made with this type of dad, and let’s not forget about all the dad jokes that are not the easiest to laugh at.

Explorer pops are always the dad that has the most fun with their children, and now you get to provide him with a router to bring on all his trips.

With GL.iNet travel routers, all you need to do is connect a smartphone and switch to tethering mode. This way, all connected devices can enjoy a secure and reliable network without the hassle of individually logging into the VPN service. It’s worth noting that when it comes to online payments, connecting to a VPN is much safer than relying on public Wi-Fi, especially when handling sensitive data. Additionally, sharing one unlimited data plan among the entire travel group is a cost-effective choice for everyone involved.

Surprise him this Father’s Day with either a Mango (GL-MT300N-V2) or a Shadow (GL-AR300M). These routers won’t add much weight to his luggage. Make sure he is aware of the tethering function and how to share his smartphone’s data connection with all his other smart devices.

Even better, bring it along for him when you go on trips together!

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