Why Do I Need A VPN Travel Router?

First of all, what is a VPN travel router?

A VPN travel router is a small, portable router that has a built-in virtual private network (VPN) connection. It is designed to run VPN and additional plug-ins for all client devices connected to the VPN travel router while traveling and connecting to public Wi-Fi, protecting digital assets and footprints online.

Beryl AX

What’s the difference between using a VPN software and a VPN router?

A VPN software is installed on a single device, such as a laptop or smartphone, and only protects that device. The difference of a VPN travel router is that it can protect all of the devices within the connected network. In simpler terms, users can use a single VPN subscription to protect laptops, phones, and other devices all at once, instead of having to install VPN software on each individual device.

In addition, a VPN travel router is not limited to running VPN clients, it can be used to run VPN servers and readymade plugins, such as ad blockers, parental controls, torrent clients, and additional encryption tools.

Learn more about the difference between using a VPN software and a VPN router: https://blog.gl-inet.com/should-i-install-a-vpn-software-or-vpn-router-in-my-office/)

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When do I need to use a VPN Travel Router?

Accessing an enterprise’s local server

Assigning a VPN travel router to remote workforce adds an additional layer of network security before employees access the enterprises’ local server. Some companies whitelist the IP or MAC address of VPN travel routers for employees to conveniently remote access the company’s local server using multiple or new devices.

Bypass location restrictions

Using a VPN travel router lets users route network traffic towards a VPN server in a different country, the user will appear in the same country as the VPN server, bypassing location-based restrictions and access content that might otherwise be blocked in the local region.

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Convenient VPN Network for Hotels or Public Wi-Fi

When traveling abroad, working in a cafe, or doing a sales presentation, remote workforce may need to work with sensitive data under hotel or public Wi-Fi. A VPN travel router can provide an extra layer of security and conceal the user’s network data from Internet service providers.

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Run Add-on Network Features

Create or install plug-ins to VPN travel routers to enhance its user applications, including ad blockers, parental controls, and custom applications.

Checklist to go through when choosing a VPN Travel Router

Wi-Fi Speed

When choosing a router, Wi-Fi speed is often a top priority. Look for a high-speed router that fits within your budget.

VPN Speed

Running a VPN constrains the router’s Wi-Fi speed because it runs an additional encryption on top of the existing Wi-Fi speed. The VPN processing speed depends on the type of VPN and the chipset. For example, WireGuard can utilize multiple CPU cores to process its VPN data while OpenVPN can only use a single CPU core at a time, so a WireGuard can run efficiently in a chipset with multiple CPU cores.

Supported VPN Protocols

There are many types of VPN protocols including IPsec, OpenVPN, WireGuard, and PPTP, SSTP, each one has unique benefits. Make sure the device supports the protocol that suits your needs.

Max. 300Mbps


Max. 150Mbps

Supported VPN Services

VPN routers often do not offer their own VPN service. Instead, they are compatible with external VPN services such as NordVPN and ExpressVPN. Make sure to double check if your existing VPN account is supported by the VPN router you’re about to purchase.

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Type of Connections

A VPN travel router may have multiple user scenarios, including working under public Wi-Fi environments, connecting to Wi-Fi smart home devices, pairing with a cellular Wi-Fi dongle, or working at home or office. Each scenario may need a convenient connection method, including ethernet, repeater, tethering, and more.

Beryl AX

GL.iNet’s latest travel router, the Beryl AX, is a Wi-Fi 6 VPN travel router that runs on OpenWrt v21.02. It supports more than 30 VPN services, allowing you to easily connect to the VPN provider of your choice. With its compact size, the Beryl AX is perfect for travelers who want to stay connected and protected while on the go.

Beryl AX

Learn more about Beryl AX (GL-MT3000) - Wi-Fi 6 VPN Travel Router: https://www.gl-inet.com/products/gl-mt3000/)

In short, a VPN travel router is a useful tool for protecting all of your devices while you’re on the go, and it offers a range of additional features to enhance your online experience.

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