Why Get A Router With AdGuard Home Pre-Installed

Why Get A Router With AdGuard Home Pre-Installed?

We are bombarded by advertisements online everyday, whether reading the news, shopping, or streaming. What’s worse, your data such as browsing history and geo-locations are being tracked by Google Analytics! 🤯 To enjoy smoother browsing time and protect your privacy, it’s best to invest in a home router that blocks ads on all your devices!

Protect All Your Devices in One Step ✅

With AdGuard Home built in our home routers, you can easily manage and monitor the domains, malware, and phishing on your devices. Click enable on GL.iNet’s admin panel to block ads and tracking on all devices in your home network. Easy to set up, even for non-techies!

Adguard Home Interface On Routers Admin Panel

AdGuard Home Interface on Router’s Admin Panel

Removes Ads and Improves Loading Time ⌛

AdGuard Home removes disruptive ad banners and pop-up ads. It even improves your loading time and reduces network traffic!


Through our admin panel, you can further customize the ad filters you need. Simply click on the settings page to do so.

Adguard Home Settings
AdGuard Home Settings

From there, you can choose the settings suitable for you. For instance, by enabling the Game Console Adblock filter, you can remove sponsored info slots and paid-ads on Xbox and Nintendo eShop!

Secure Browsing and Parental Control 🛡️

With this software, our router protects you from online threats and blocks potential malicious and virus-infected websites. You can also control sites that your children have access to with safe search and parental control.

Advanced Settings For Adguard Home

Advanced Settings for AdGuard Home

Client Settings

This allows you to set specific settings for each device. You can name your devices to easily identify network requests and traffic. With this, you can even block specific services on your kids’ devices.

Block Sites And Services Through Adguard Home

Block sites and services through AdGuard Home

To sum up! GL.iNet’s AdGuard-Home routers help you manage all your devices swiftly and easily! You save time from downloading adblocks on each of your devices. What’s better, you can manage your kid’s browsing activities even if you don’t have access to their electronics!

Pick the Best Home-Router For Your Family! 👍

All products below come with AdGuard Home and support 30+ VPN service providers for the best internet experience!

  1. Flint (GL-AX1800) Secure and Ultra-Fast Wi-Fi 6 Router

  2. Velica (GL-B2200) Tri-Band Wireless Mesh System

  3. Convexa-S (GL-S1300) OpenWrt Gateway for Smart Home Wireless Devices


Upgrade Your Internet Experience and Improve Your Online Security

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