Facing the parenting challenge of distance learning while camping

We’ve had a number of customers come forward asking us about how to integrate our product with a more nomadic lifestyle, or while on vacation or camping. Camping and RV culture is on the rise across the world. In North American in particular households are looking for alternative ways to enjoy their vacation time, which is especially challenging due to the pandemic and COVID 19. 2020 saw an aggressive year for growth across the USA. This is reflected in 67% increase in North American households stating they camp occasionally. It was estimated that 10.1 Million first time campers gave the outdoor experience a try in 2020. This was mainly due to the effects of Covid-19, which a whopping 7.7 Million attributed to embracing the new experience. RVers increased by almost two million additional households from 2019 to 2020 (approximately 11 million to 13 million RVing households).

One of the main concerns of modern campers and RV enthusiasts is staying connected? How can you enjoy the internet when you are out in the wild or on vacation. More and more campgrounds are providing Wi-Fi services and facilities. You now don’t have to go to a cafe or another area to stay connected. And with the rise of smartphones, you can use your phone as a hotspot to help others stay connected. This can be very inconvenient especially if multiple devices are using the connection.

COVID-19 Effect on first-time campers

What becomes even more channeling when you need to have a stable connection for work, or in many cases in recent months, the pressure of children remote learning.

Luckily GL.iNet has a series of solutions, in particular our Spitz GL-X750V2 is perfect for campers and parents looking for their kids to stay connected. The demand for Wi-Fi and connectivity has increased a lot over time, with 61% of couples with children saying it matters a great deal to their overall experience. The importance of technology cannot be understated, as first-time campers significantly attribute this to nine additional days of camping if Wi-Fi access is available (with six days for experienced campers). One third of all campers said the ability to stay connected would allow them to go camping more often.

GL.iNet’s Spitz X750V2 allows users to take control of the connectivity. The Spitz comes with a built-in MicroSD for allowing for a maximum of 128GB storage that can be shared across to connected devices within your network. The Spitz’s compact design makes it very portable, and with suitable power cables can be powered via a 12V in-car power supply. With a pair of external antennas to improve the 4G performance and extend dual-band Wi-Fi signal coverage. Spitz also comes with a CAT6 orCAT4 compatible 4G LTE module to support different Internet needs around the world. Inline with other GL.iNet’s routers, the Spitz comes pre-installed with OpenWrt, customizable for your needs and requirements. These features make it the ideal camping or RV companion on your next adventure.

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