Wi-fi On The Road - RV Internet Setup with GL.iNet’s Spitz GL-X750V2

RV (recreational vehicles) are popular in North America, and are gaining popularity in other regions around the world. Friends and families are starting their own adventures, taking to the road for vacation or even as full time lifestyle nomads. Presents are facing a whole new set of exciting challenges for modern RV users, be it keeping your kids up to date with remote learning or just entertained with Netflix. It is now vital for a modern RV user to stay connected while on the road.

In recent years, off-grid living has become more and more popular, with RVs taking a central role in this movement. How do you stay online when you unplug from the rest of the world? Or how do you work remotely? The older common solution was cafe or campgrounds free Wi-Fi, but in some cases this can be slow, insecure or unstable, especially during certain busy or seasonal periods.

Traditionally there are three main methods of getting RV Wi-Fi while living on the road.

  • Using your phone as a hotspot - This might be an immediate solution but it can drain the battery on your phone and many providers will likely have a bandwidth cap.
  • Satellite internet - These units can be large, have bandwidth caps, can be slow and you have to make sure you are aiming the antenna the right way. Not the most convenient.
  • Use a HotSpot - A hotspot router can be added to your existing mobile plan.

We’ve found using a HotSpot to be the most cost-effective and convenient internet solution for your RV Wi-Fi needs. Many RVers stay connected using Cellular data using a mobile hotspot. Mobile hotspots are devices that recognize and retrieve cell phone signals and act as a mobile modem, providing you with mobile internet without cords or cables. Essentially, the mobile hotspot is like a cell phone plan for a standalone modem.

Spitz could be the answer to your RV Wi-Fi questions. Spitz is known for its compact design, customization and portability design, as well as being one of our most versatile routers available. With a pair of external antennas to extend dual-band Wi-Fi signal coverage, Spitz also comes with a CAT6 orCAT4 compatible 4G LTE module to support different Internet needs around the world. Inline with other GL.iNet’s routers, it is pre-installed with OpenWrt, perfect for technophiles and other enthusiast DIY hobbyists to customize the routers to their specific needs and requirements. With suitable power cable, Spitz can be powered with a 12V in-car power supply.

Spitz also has a built-in MicroSD slot for supporting a maximum of 128GB MicroSD card. With extra storage, you can create a network drive to share with other compatible connected devices via Wi-Fi.

When not RVing or adventuring the Spitz can be used as a backup internet source for your home (or office). It also works superbly in more remote regions such as cabins, ranches or vacation homes where internet access may not be regularly provided.

The Spitz is very customizable with easy configuration and built-in interchangeable modules for further optimization.You Spitz comes specifically configured with 4G LTE modules depending on your region, (CAT4 or CAT6) as well as built-in support for IoT wireless protocols with our BLE/Zigbee module.

Already on the road or planning a trip? We suggest checking with your (and other) current mobile carrier to see which hotspot plans are available. Need help setting up your router in your RV?

Setup for your Spitz is simple for 3G/4G. First insert your activated hotspot SIM card directly into the SIM Card slot (above the SSID information). Please do not get this confused with the SD Cards slot (please see image below). Please insert the SIM card before powering on the router.

Connect the power cable to your router (make sure you’re using standard 12V/1.5 power adaptor). You can find alternative setup for Spitz here, but for this example we believe the easiest way is via Wi-Fi. The easiest way is via Wi-Fi. Search for the SSID of the router and enter the password: “goodlife”.

Note: The SSID was printed on the bottom label of the router with the following formats:

Open your browser and access the admin panel: After you make the connection you can set up your own username and password.

Once you arrive at the admin panel you can select the “3G/4G Modem” section (the image is of a USB stick with “3G/4G” on the side). You should find the name of your SIM card carrier, click Auto Setup to create the connection. Your Spitz is connected when IP address of your SIM card shows up.

There you go! You are ready for your next adventure or roadtrip with Wi-Fi for your friends and family. Some SIM Cards will require you to use manual configuration or advanced settings. You can learn more about this in our setup guide under, “3G/4G Modem” and “Manual configuration”.

Find out more about Spitz: https://www.gl-inet.com/products/gl-x750/

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